Stio Mountain Studio® – Jackson Hole

10 East Broadway (Cache St. Entrance) Jackson, Wyoming 83001

Stio was founded to inspire connection with the outdoors through beautiful, functional products infused with mountain soul. We draw inspiration from our everyday immersion in life here in Jackson Hole: days on local rivers, trails and Teton summits. Technical performance, quality and versatility are hallmarks you’ll find in every piece of apparel we make, be it intended for epic alpine pursuits or the quieter moments of the mountain life.

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  • Maria Anselmi   Apr 30, 2021

    I recently went to Stio to ask if I could do an exchange that my Mother had purchased and the details were a bit complicated. The staff, Marlow and Lindsey were very helpful and made the process easy. Their customer service was outstanding and were very pleasant to speak with. My experience at the main store in Downtown Jackson was beyond excellent. Thank you Marlow and Lindsey!

  • Marci Hutchinson   Dec 11, 2020

    *Review updated because they did contact me and issue my refund. They also offered me a code for a discount on my next order. While it was frustrating I appreciate them working to make it right. I gave them another try and placed another order, the items arrived on time and are good quality. I am happy with my new purchase. Buyer beware of purchasing anything online from this store. I ordered 2 jackets for approximately $300. They were not the quality I would expect for the price and they didn't fit right. I returned them 3 weeks ago and have a tracking receipt they received it over 2 weeks ago. No refund yet, or even an email that they received it. I have also left 3 messages at the customer service line, which nobody ever answers, and sent an email with no reply. This is my last effort to get their attention. I am not alone as there are a ton of reviews on Yelp with the same experience. And they can't blame COVID, a lot of those are from over a year ago. I'm sure the store is fine but do not order online!

  • Thomas W. Parry   Dec 30, 2021

    If you ski and have any type of calf muscles you need the STIO Fernos Insulated Knicker . These knickers covered with a Gortex ski pants you will never get to hit or EVER freeze.

  • Dan Benshoff   Feb 24, 2022

    I thought I had found my Forever Ski Apparel company in Stio. I purchased a pair of Environ Bibs and after a half season of wearing them, they incurred a tear in the mid-thigh after normal use. When I submitted a warranty/replacement claim they informed my that "This tear appears to be incidental damage, so unfortunately, that is not covered under warranty." Compared to experiences I've had with OR and Patagonia, Stios policies around assuring that their products live up to basic quality standards is way below the industry standard. I love their colors and fit but if you choose to purchase their products, just be very very careful using them.

  • David Madow   Jan 10, 2023

    I love Stio. I've bought a bunch of their clothes. I just bought a pair of pants this evening. I was so excited to finally get into the flagship store here in Jackson Hole. I just need to make this comment because it's really a shame to have such a beautiful high-end store here but the two women that were working there this evening basically had personalities of zero. They stood behind the desk the entire time, did not make eye contact with anyone unless we came up to them. Even when I bought a pair of pants, I felt like I was a nuisance invading their private territory. This would have been a 10 star review had they just been even a little bit personable. Maybe one smile. I have to admit this put a damper on my visit here.

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