Stagecoach Bar & Liquor Store

5755 W, WY-22, Wilson, WY 83014, USA

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  • Jason Jones   Sep 06, 2022

    A fun local bar atmosphere with great street tacos. If the vintage 80s punk and metal get too loud, just slip out the side door and chill outdoors at one of the covered picnic tables under the cafe lights on the lawn. Cool place.

  • Thomas Neihoff   Jan 21, 2023

    Great place to have a few and watch UK win! Great food and bartender, Jordan.

  • Katelyn Inman   Mar 15, 2022

    Good food, kind humans at the helm, wonderful band on Sunday. Will definitely be back.

  • Ezekiel Eshechiel   Feb 18, 2023

    good food. got cl on my cheeseburger once though. make sure you taste the food slowly

  • D W   May 18, 2021

    Food is below average! Service is horrible! Our table was obviously dirty, with crumbs, etc. I asked the Server if she could please clean up our table (especially due to Covid). She said yes, but then ignored our request. So my husband talked to, who looked like the owner/manager, if he could have someone clean our table. We saw the owner talked to the same Server. He gave her a bottle of sanitizer and a rag, but she only took the rag. She then wiped a table that was empty, but then was headed back behind the counter. So my husband, flagged her down, and her with a grumpy expression, wiped our table with her now dirty rag... without any sanitizer. So I asked the manager for some sanitizer, to clean it myself. (I believe a normal manager would say he’d have someone cleanup for us, and perhaps even be a little embarrassed his Server didn’t do her job. But naturally he was happy to have his customers clean their own table, if they wanted them to be clean)

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