Stagecoach Bar & Liquor Store

5755 W, WY-22, Wilson, WY 83014, USA

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  • D W   May 18, 2021

    Food is below average! Service is horrible! Our table was obviously dirty, with crumbs, etc. I asked the Server if she could please clean up our table (especially due to Covid). She said yes, but then ignored our request. So my husband talked to, who looked like the owner/manager, if he could have someone clean our table. We saw the owner talked to the same Server. He gave her a bottle of sanitizer and a rag, but she only took the rag. She then wiped a table that was empty, but then was headed back behind the counter. So my husband, flagged her down, and her with a grumpy expression, wiped our table with her now dirty rag... without any sanitizer. So I asked the manager for some sanitizer, to clean it myself. (I believe a normal manager would say he’d have someone cleanup for us, and perhaps even be a little embarrassed his Server didn’t do her job. But naturally he was happy to have his customers clean their own table, if they wanted them to be clean)

  • Tim Berkesch   May 30, 2021

    Great atmosphere; good variety of food and drinks; old-styleive band!

  • Lisa Deller   Apr 03, 2021

    Great dive bar. Bar staff super friendly. Great outdoor area with tables. Selection of beer is good.

  • Barb Loughlin   Jul 07, 2021

    Stopped here this afternoon - barmaid was rude and looked as if waiting on us was annoying her. In fact the only people she was even semi polite or nice to were locals. We were going to have lunch but She was awful. Too many places around who want your business do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.

  • Christine Vertiz   Jun 27, 2021

    Great stop with fusion food for all ages. If you like good beer and wine check out their alcohol end of the bar (other end from where you order food).

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