St John’s Medical Center

625 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • JUSTIN T   Jan 01, 2023

    Just wanted to give a shout out to the staff on the night of 12/30/2022. My son fractured his left arm ice skating in the town square. We waited less than 5 minutes for him to be seen. The Doctor, the Nurse, the X-ray Tech, and the gentleman that helped check us in, we’re all fantastic!!! Thank you for taking great care of my son!

  • Mountain Packer   Jan 11, 2022

    We’ve had all 3 of our little girls here and each time has been great! Ali, Mallory, Julia, and Ashley all took care of us in the birthing center. The layout of the place is nice as well. Good amount of room in the facilities. Clean, comfortable and the cafeteria has good food! The massage after birth and the steak dinner make for an unreal experience! We had Dr. Giovinini and Dr George, both excellent! Thank you everyone at St. Johns- The Lackner Family

  • Gregg Fracassa   Sep 29, 2023

    My wife had a broken arm that required surgery. We were insured by United Health care and all the Dr.s took our insurance. However after the operation we received a huge bill for the Anesthesiologist (who they book). Apparently the hospital rotate anesthesia company and the one the hospital put on my wife's case didn't take our insurance. I hate to complain but I just don't get how they could do this and then take zero responsibility for it? I just recently gave in and paid a bill I should have never received if they did their homework for their patient prior to a procedure. I will say that when I had my own surgery there, I told them about this and it didn't happen that time. Dr's and Nurses are AWESOME, but the business side could defiantly be better.

  • Victoria Arzt   Apr 18, 2024

    3/29 admitted for severe panic attack and abdominal pain.. already suing for malpractice for this event. Went home with a nice driver but still had tummy pain 4/12 back at st johns for tummy pain, i tried pepto bismal and it worked. 4/14 tried the pepto for about 24 hours and drove myself to er severe tummy pain level 10. Was told not to scream so loud. They gave me toridol and told me i couldnt drive home because i would be i had to call an uber. No follow up. I felt hungry and asked if i could go to mcdonalds. After eating the mcdonalds it was only hours later that i was level 10 and on 4/15 they dragged me out of my apt screaming in pain. They sorta tried to help me but just locked me in a room in the er where i was screaming in pain and had to throw anything nearby at the door to get help, he just said i was being combative. I was in so much pain i couldnt swallow the liquid he gave me i was freezing cold and when he finally came back he said "oh you have blankets on the floor" and left but i was in so much pain i couldnt reach them. Then they put me in suicide container even though i had no suicidal thoughts. Still had raging pain, they moved me to another part of the hospital for another day or so. They told me.I might have an ulcer "or something ". Turns out it was heartburn from eating mcdonalds. They perscribed some medications costing from 95 dollars to 333 dollars, which i dont even need. I already paid for them at albertsons i tried to return them but they said i had to take that up with st johns. Suing AGAIN FOR MALPRACTICE AND MISDIAGNOSIS. Some staff are nice like Tallora but this "hospital" is a joke

  • Broccoliflower   Mar 05, 2024

    Our beautiful little girl was born here. I can’t say enough great things about the team in the birthing center, other than we’re extremely grateful for their bedside manner, compassion, and professionalism. Hopefully more babies to come!

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