Springhill Suites Marriott – Jackson

150 W Simpson Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Terry Miller   Oct 17, 2023

    Clean room, lobby, and public areas. Nice seating area at the fire pit. Heated pool and hot tub. Breakfast was excellent. Walking distance to downtown and many restaurants. We would stay here again and recommend it to friends.

  • Trisha Eggleston   Feb 15, 2024

    Spacious, clean rooms, great breakfast spread, hot tub, and pool. My only issue is the noise level. There was a crying baby in our hall and we could hear the baby cry all night, screaming. Also, we could hear the upstairs people stomping around all night. Sounded like a woompa loompa running around, moving furniture, and hammering on the wall. At 2am, 3am, and 4am. Kept us up all night. So loud!!!

  • Melissa Ringer   Sep 08, 2023

    The location and styling of this hotel is great. I have no complaints about how my room was outfitted. My problem is solely with the upstairs neighbor I had. We checked in for a 3 night stay and were given a room on the third floor, the top floor of the hotel. I prefer this because then I can avoid a loud upstairs neighbor. Lo and behold… We noticed our first night loud stomping, and were confused about how it could soon like our next door neighbor could be coming through our ceiling given that there couldn’t be anybody above us. It quieted down after a while and we didn’t think anything else of it. The next night, the stomping started back up at 10:30 and went until 11:30. And I don’t just mean walking, I mean STOMPING AND PACING. I could not understand how our neighbors could possibly be making this much noise and it could be so loud in our room from it. I managed to sleep until 4:30 when the pacing and stomping started up AGAIN. It was unbelievably loud, as though they were running back and forth across their room. I couldn’t even understand how they had so much space in their room to move that much. Finally, my husband got up at 5 and went to the front desk to ask if they could call up to the room and/or move us to another room for our final night. Immediately, the front desk clerk said she knew what the problem was- there are private residences above the third floor of the hotel. We were under someone’s condo and the hotel had no control over that and couldn’t call them (obviously, I understand this). The clerk promised to expedite a clean room for us on the second floor and leave a note for the incoming clerk to contact us when it was ready that morning. We never got a call and finally went back to the hotel at 1 pm. The new front desk clerk, who was extremely nice, was unaware of the issue we had or that we were supposed to be getting a new room. He quickly found an available room for us and moved us to it. I know the hotel cannot control private residents, nor should they. But be aware that you may have an extremely LOUD upstairs neighbor that the hotel can’t do anything about!!

  • suzanne Vinson   Sep 16, 2023

    Thought the room was handsome, comfortable, spacious, and very well laid out. Very good use of space. Also, it was extremely quiet even though we were here during high season. Probably plenty of sound proofing. Great fitness center. Beautiful buffet for breakfast included. Would definitely stay here again.

  • MDD   Jan 02, 2024

    A very good Marriott. We love Jackson. We go to the Tetons and Elk Refuge. This Marriott is our jumping off point. You can see thousands of elk, tens of bighorn sheep and other animals at the elk refuge. Before the park, or in the park, you can see a lot of moose. We saw 7 today and thirty something earlier in the spring. Marriott is a great place to stay for the night, easy access to restaurants and shopping. Comfortable rooms and friendly staff.

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