VCA Spring Creek Animal Hospital

Spring Creek Animal Hospital Jackson Wyoming 83001-1161

For over 28 years, VCA Spring Creek Animal Hospital has provided comprehensive veterinary services throughout Jackson Hole and the surrounding communities. VCA Spring Creek Animal Hospital is committed to caring for your pet and providing the highest quality services possible. They also have boarding facilities on-site, and serve on the advisory board for PAWS (Bronze – Best Nonprofit 2019). They would love to have you stop in and take a tour of the hospital.

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  • Orly Schlessinger   Jul 15, 2022

    I was super nervous about boarding my dog here because I basically never leave him behind, but Yellowstone isn’t dog friendly and everywhere else in Jackson had insanely high prices. I’m SO happy I chose this place! They sent me a bunch of pictures throughout his stay and I can tell he was super happy and comfortable while he was there :)

  • Bond, James   Jul 06, 2023

    My family and I were traveling through Yellowstone in the grand Tetons. As we came into Jackson, my oldest boy collapsed. And upon inspection, his tongue was blue, and he was not very coherent. Luckily, we were close to this VCA. We rushed him there and they took him in immediately. They put him in an oxygen tank in hopes that it was just elevation, sickness. After x-rays and further evaluation, it was determined that he had fluid around his heart. Unfortunately, I do not remember many of the staff that assisted us because of my emotional state. But the doctor was very informative and never once suggested putting him to sleep. He let us make the final decision and accommodated us in whatever we decided.. Unfortunately, in the end, I lost my boy that day. I cannot think the staff enough for trying their hardest to save him and accommodating us at such short notice. They were all very compassionate and understanding of our situation. They even coordinated his cremation in shipped him back to us while keeping constant communication. They followed up with a condolences card, which was very nice. Rest in peace, my best friend and son. I will see you again.

  • Chris Wilson   Aug 09, 2023

    We are visiting Yellowstone, and our dog got some kind of eye issue. We drove 2 hours back to Jackson Wy, and this was the only vet that would/could fit us in. The manager, nurse and Dr were all great to deal with. Very nice and helpful. Highly recommend.

  • Terri Ganczarski Ostovich   Sep 13, 2023

    I am very cautious about boarding my dog anywhere because he is older and he has some medical issues. I was much more comfortable knowing a vet was close by. The staff was great and texted me to let me know how my boy was doing and they didn't mind texts from this nervous dog mom! It was nice knowing my boy was comfortable while we had a chance to explore the parks.

  • Jo Knight   Aug 15, 2023

    Both of my dogs go to spring creek. They have the nicest staff and I love their new vet! Her name is dr. Freeman and she was excellent! My 10 month old puppy was having an allergic reaction, they got us in within the time it took me to drive there and my high strung, stressed out puppy was so comfortable with her. I recommend this clinic to everyone!

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