Spectrum Enterprise

701 Canyon Dr, Coppell, TX 75019, USA

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  • Marin Ursu   Aug 08, 2023

    Hands down the worst internet service I have ever experienced. Constant outages, old asynchronous Coax connection, and false advertising. I signed up for the gig plan but they say nothing that the upload is capped at 35mb. Doesn’t matter what the caps are anyway cause I have never seen anything near them up or down. Had techs come out to look at the lines, etc., one guy even told me that it was good enough. I am paying for a gig not good enough so I expect close to a gig up and down but I guess I am expecting too much. I wish there was another service in my area because I would switch immediately. If you have other options go with someone else.

  • Mr. Physical Fitness   Jul 21, 2023

    FRAUD from the word “go.” I shad very good internet service with AT&T, but got talked into using Spectrum by their sales lady. I was given IN WRITING the day and time that the installation was to occur, but the guy never showed up. I called an hour later and was told that he’d been scheduled for some other time. When I told the rep that I had the day and time in writing in my hand, she insisted that she was right and I was wrong. A week later they installed the internet and IT IS SLOW, much slower than AT&T. Now I get a bill that’s double what I was promised. Spectrum engages in fraudulent business practices. Go with AT&T. You’ll be much happier.

  • Daniel Almon   Jul 02, 2023

    So far not so good. I was suppose to get one year of mobile data/phone line free via a promotion that Spectrum agents were offering door-to-door. I paid off my iPhone, and closed my AT&T account because this was a great deal, and Spectrum’s costs are cheaper. One week later, I’m struggling with Spectrum’s customer service department because the agent botched the phone activation step of the process by (possibly) applying the wrong IMEI number during promotion sign-up. Over a month later, after at least one escalation to management within the company, it was decided that they will not honor the promotion due to having the activation problem that was eventually corrected but was no longer technically the same order. Scam??? Also, I have had some trouble with their internet router. My XBOX never had any trouble connecting to the AT&T router, but since I switched to Spectrum (their costs are certainly cheaper, I’ll give them that) I have to reconnect the wifi often and, to make it worse, it often does not recognize the password! Yeesh, I’ll give this company a few more months and we’ll see what happens.

  • Cameron G   Oct 17, 2023

    Loyal customer for 3 years and you want to jack my rate 30% in one year?! No way. Verizon offers better speeds for less. Cord = cut!

  • Jay Dossal   Sep 08, 2023

    I signed up for Spectrum Business services with high hopes, but my experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. From day one, I encountered numerous issues that have left me frustrated and dissatisfied. 1. Unreliable Internet: The internet service is incredibly unreliable. I frequently experience outages that disrupt my work, and even when it's working, the speed is far below what was promised. 2. Poor Customer Support: Dealing with their customer support has been a frustrating ordeal. Long wait times on hold, unhelpful representatives, and a lack of resolution to my problems have left me feeling unheard and undervalued as a customer. 3. Hidden Fees: I was shocked to discover hidden fees on my bill that were not disclosed when I signed up. It feels like they are trying to nickel and dime their customers. 4. Inconsistent Billing: The billing statements are inconsistent and confusing. It's nearly impossible to decipher what I'm actually being charged for, which makes budgeting a real challenge. 5. No Accountability: Spectrum Business seems to have no accountability for the issues they cause. They promise to fix problems but rarely follow through. Overall, my experience with Spectrum Business has been extremely disappointing. I expected reliable internet and good customer service, but I've received the opposite. I would strongly advise anyone considering their services to think twice and explore other options.

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