Snake River Roasting Co

Snake River Roasting Company Jackson Wyoming 83002

Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Snake River Roasting Co reflects the spirit and culture of Wyoming in each of our coffees: Adventurous. Dynamic. Accessible. Steeped in tradition yet boldly innovative, our award-winning coffees hold up to the finest craft roasts in the country. With an appeal for every type of coffee drinker, our blends and single-origins are as much at home on the mountain, river or backcountry as they are in a local coffee bar. From seed to cup we take pride in our product at every stage to ensure you get a great cup every time.

  • Rebecca Galey   Jun 20, 2022

    Amazing food, exceptional service and stellar coffee! The cowboy hash was delicious with rich flavors and the perfect combination of savory, creamy and sweet. Staff had deep knowledge of the coffee and food menu. They gave fabulous recommendations to ensure we got the best fit coffee for our morning!

  • Victor Bruha   Jun 27, 2022

    Love this new addition to Jackson. Attention to detail and excellence. PROPER coffee drinks done RIGHT! Great food and treats. Well worth the visit. Excellent and friendly staff. We felt very welcome.

  • Chelsea Futrell   Jul 30, 2022

    My new favorite coffee shop in Jackson! The iced latte with oat milk and caramel is spot on. The food and donuts are delicious - yet to have anything that wasn't great. Perfect for a quiet morning alone, working or with a group of friends. The online ordering system is great as well for when you're on the go

  • Sylwia Jazowski   Jul 22, 2022

    Oh my gosh. Probably the fluffiest most delicious pancakes I've ever had!! The dark chocolate honey Danish was mouth watering. And the coffee......AMAZING. I will definitely recommend this place a thousand times over and come back every time I'm in town. The staff was extremely kind and great!!

  • Edward Morris   Aug 13, 2022

    Really, really, really good. They have a very inviting, friendly, open space. I waited in a short line that moved quickly to order. A friendly member of the staff at the counter discussed their roasts with me and helped me pick from their selection of beans for my order. Coffee came out quickly and was delicious. This is a world class, specialty coffee shop. You can order and will enjoy straight espresso shots here (I had an espresso and a latte.) There was a large selection of pastries and it looked like maybe even a kitchen too, would love to try breakfast or lunch here next time.

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