Snake River Roasting Co

Snake River Roasting Company Jackson Wyoming 83002

Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Snake River Roasting Co reflects the spirit and culture of Wyoming in each of our coffees: Adventurous. Dynamic. Accessible. Steeped in tradition yet boldly innovative, our award-winning coffees hold up to the finest craft roasts in the country. With an appeal for every type of coffee drinker, our blends and single-origins are as much at home on the mountain, river or backcountry as they are in a local coffee bar. From seed to cup we take pride in our product at every stage to ensure you get a great cup every time.

  • Nicholas Dittmar   Nov 30, 2022

    This is probably the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to. They have really good coffee, a really good selection of healthy and not so healthy food and the vibe is like it should be in beautiful Jackson Wyoming. HIGHLY recommend.

  • Ramiro Palmar   Jul 09, 2022

    This coffee shop has a great selection of drinks and food for everyone. Their lattes are very on point, and their service is excellent. Also, this a great place to work from with lots of space to choose from. I’m glad I tried them while visiting Jackson Hole.

  • Michael Moncel   Jun 21, 2022

    Just opened this location this week! Great coffee! They have several other items that looked great as well! If you're needing a good pick me up for a quick bite to eat or a cup of coffee or espresso. Staff was friendly and energetic. I highly suggest Snake River.

  • Grace Li   Jul 03, 2022

    Great coffee place downtown! Service and employees are all very nice. They have a nice selection of premade meals and items such as chia seed overnight oats and sandwiches. Coffee selection is great and very strong! The cinnamon rolls are huge and delicious. Chocolate muffin was okay, was on the drier side! We came here 2x during our stay!

  • Kacie O'Maley   Jan 02, 2023

    Came for breakfast and were so impressed. I had the two egg breakfast with bacon and my husband had the bison breakfast sandwich. The Bloody Mary was delicious! I had it made with the non-alcoholic spirit and would go back for another. My husband said the espresso and coffee was the best he has had in Jackson. Staff was friendly and service was fast. Great atmosphere.

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