Snake River Lodge & Spa

7710 Granite Loop Rd, Teton Village, WY 83025, USA

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  • Amy Kathleen Ryan   Jul 04, 2022

    This lodge really reminds me of old Jackson. The woodwork is rustic and beautifully done. The hospitality is great, with a nice little bar and nightly refreshments including awesome cookies. The staff is friendly, but they don’t hover. The pool is the nicest hotel pool I’ve ever seen. Great place for families if you want to get a flavor of old time Jackson Hole!

  • Shelby Hearne   Sep 22, 2022

    I don’t normally stay at hotels this nice but got a good deal for the room, so can’t complain too much however I can’t imagine paying the normal rate of $600+. That’s absolutely insane to me, not even a free breakfast included! Breakfast is $25/person and they don’t mention the price when you check in so you’re led to believe it’s free. The pool and hot tubs were very nice and the rooms were decent but small, and we just had a view of the parking lot which was a bummer considering half the hotel was empty. Overall the stay was nice but knowing how much it regularly costs I can’t recommend it, it’s just a big money grab and we’ve had better stays at best westerns.

  • Halter Cunningham   Oct 12, 2022

    Great service, wonderful staff who is always willing to help out. Location is great, right in the middle of Teton Village and at the base of the Gondola and Tram. Have stayed there both winter and summer and can't wait to go back! The rooms we have stayed in are well done, with a fireplace and kitchen. Plenty of space for winter or summer gear, and they offer free ski valet in the winter so you don't even have to worry about skis in your room!

  • Emily Merksick   Jul 11, 2022

    The stay was alright. I will say there were some pretty strong negatives including our room tucked away in a corner with no view, but I did not book my own room so I am not sure if there was any view guarantee or price differential. Secondly, the breakfast situation is frustrating. Upon check in we were told “breakfast will be served in this area tomorrow morning”. That’s all. Great! My boyfriend and I come down early in the morning and are halfway through our plate of food when a staff member approached us asking if we know how breakfast works. Saying I guess not they tell us it will be $25 per person. What are we to do, get up and throw away the food after already plating it and leave? Trapped in a $50 mediocre breakfast. Then the smaller items that are really basic are $15 per person including muffins, cereal, etc. plus, we had one server tell a man that his 11 year old would be considered an adult, but seemingly let another family pass when they seemed frustrated that their 11 year old could possibly be considered an adult, which was confusing. genuinely just seems like a hotel turned money grab in all honesty. I bet this was maybe a nice place at one point, but there are better options that are more inclusive for your price you pay upfront. The only plus is that some of the hotel staff are young workers who are very friendly.

  • DWIGHT SHELTON   Jun 16, 2022

    Great location, fairly nice rooms. Service was great. Anyone was happy to help. Only problems were, upon arrival ONLY, not before, we were informed that we couldn't have the reserved room, as a boiler was down. I suppose it never came back online because they never offered to move us later during the stay. I understand things happen. We were "upgraded" to a presidential suite, that has a fireplace and one person tub, but the fireplace didn't work had we wanted it to, seeing as it was 65°+ during our stay. We weren't offered any accommodations for this mishap, however we did see other people in balcony rooms before we left. Maid service was great however.

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