Snake River Grill

Snake River Grill, East Broadway Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

The Snake River Grill has been one of the finest dining experiences in Jackson Hole for over 25 years now, and rightfully takes Gold for Best Overall Restaurant for the fifth year in a row. Serving up Modern American cuisine in their cozy western-chic dining room, Snake River Grill showcases seasonal ingredients with their ever-changing menu, accompanied by an extensive wine list and signature cocktails. Come on in and have a drink at the bar while you wait for your table – the spicy bar nuts are an under-the-radar delight. Then let the expert SRG wait staff (five awards for Best Wait Staff since 2015) guide you through the menu. We highly recommend starting off with one of their famous Steak Tartare Pizzas – served cold with diced Black Angus New York strip and a garlic aioli, it’s a dish you’ll never forget.

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  • Tegan Shelby   Oct 16, 2020

    We love stopping here each time we pass through. Very friendly staff and great ice cream and shakes. Wonderful place to fill up on your way to or from Yellowstone.

  • Philip Bo Chræmmer   Sep 02, 2020

    Best restaurant in town!! Sadly we did not go here twice. You can tell than the kitchen knows what they are doing and the service is outstanding. Hope to see you again.

  • Charlotte Thompson   Oct 17, 2020

    Every course was delightful. Very flavorful and each item on the plate complimented the other very well. It was more expensive than other restaurants but the setting and food were great for our anniversary dinner.

  • Jeremy Proctor   Sep 18, 2020

    Outstanding service, great outdoor seating. Food was stellar as always.

  • Trevor Grant   Sep 21, 2020

    Snake River Grill really really really tries hard to be what it thinks will come off as "fancy" but entirely misses the mark. The cocktail had cheaply done garnish and ice machine ice (not clear cocktail cubes), we had to pour our own wine, the hands down best thing on the menu was the bread. The people working there seemed really nice, but whoever designed the place had only ever seen nice restaurants in movies and tried to blindly imitate, but missed most of the nuance that actually makes a restaurant nice. Options are scarce for vegetarians (except the bread, which was the best thing on the menu and the only thing I recommend anyone order from here), there are no vegan options I saw. The prices were high for the quality, however very affordable overall.

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