Snake River Brewing & Brewpub

265 S Milward St, Jackson, WY 83001

Most award-winning small brewery in the United States. Family-friendly Brewpub with outdoor seating and a wide variety of menu items.

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  • Elaine Kuckertz   Aug 31, 2021

    Great post-hike brewpub! The smoked trout dip will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I cannot even describe how delicious it is. Loved the beer, shown here is Earned It IPA. Finally, the vibe here is really solid, tons of outdoor garden space to enjoy your brews and trout dip. Highly recommend if you are visiting the Grand Tetons!

  • Darryl Ford   Aug 15, 2021

    A fun brewery: Wide variety of good beers. Excellent food. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating (though it can get crowded). Worth a visit if you are in Jackson, even if you aren't a big fan of beer. One thing I liked is that the staff didn't waste time trying to explain all the beers to you. If you had a question, they'd answer of course, but otherwise they just tried to serve quickly. Plenty of good eats for the kids, so if you have family in tow this will work for you too.

  • Jonathan Cote (Decadence)   Sep 30, 2021

    Beer was good. Everything else was a grave disappointment. It was a long wait to be seated, especially for a weekday evening during the off season. They were pretty busy, though, so I can look past that. When we looked at the menu online, I was enticed by the Waygu steak. The second we sat down, I immediately lost all confidence that it would be properly cooked. I can't quite put my finger on why. Culmination of past experience, I guess. My apprehension turned out to be well founded. I'm very glad I followed my instincts and didn't get the steak. I ordered the bison burger cooked medium. It came out utterly dry. It was put together well enough, but the meat was totally tasteless. I would have informed the server of this had they bothered to ask how the food was. They did not. We would have gladly ordered another round of beers, but our initial glasses stood empty until we were ready to leave. Also, we were very put off by how loud they had the music cranked up. This is supposed to be a brewpub, not a dive bar. I'm not categorically against that, but at this sort of place, it was way too much. Based on the high reviews, the clientele, the feel of the place, and the very good beer, I'm guessing this is a popular local hangout spot. As fairly widespread travelers of the northwest, however, we're used to far better from similar establishments. We've never walked away from a brewery that looked so good being so let down. In short: Service was slow and inattentive. Food was mediocre. Beer was good. My recommendation: Stop for a couple beers if they don't look busy. If you're eating, don't order any red meat unless you're not too choosy about whether or not you can taste it.

  • Zac Fellabaum   Sep 05, 2021

    This is a great spot with a casual vibe. It can get crowded, so call ahead to check the wait. The bar is opening seating with quite a few seats. Obviously they've got a good beer selection, but the food is awesome too. Smoked trout dip is worth a try. The Buffalo cauliflower app is also very good.

  • Ric Rini   Sep 24, 2021

    Great food, great craft beer, plenty of awesome outdoor seating (huge expanse area) make this a great place to meet with a large group friends or family. The out door area is huge probably the largest you will find in the Jackson area. The beer is well crafted and tasty. We sampled literally all of their offerings and enjoyed each. The inside seating area has four top, bar top and table seating. There ambiance is relaxing but it can get somewhat noisy in the inside seating area when it gets crowded. I ordered the mushroom pizza and enjoyed the tasty sauce and crispy crust.

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