Snake River Brewing & Brewpub

265 S Milward St, Jackson, WY 83001

Snake River Brewing is Wyoming’s oldest brewery, and has been a favorite watering hole for Jackson locals for over 25 years. The Brewpub (how you’ll hear most locals refer to it) cleans up in the Best of Jackson Hole competition every year (8 wins since 2016 alone). Snake River Brewing produces their award-winning beers in house while serving up a full menu of locally-sourced food. Thirsty and in the mood for a quick bite? Grab a Scratch Pretzel, which they bake fresh daily, and pair it with their classic Jenny Lake Lager. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

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  • Johnathan Locklear   Sep 10, 2020

    I really enjoyed this place, first visit was 3 years ago. Second was last week. COVID took the fun level down a bit but the staff was very nice, it was super busy every afternoon so I stopped in for brunch hours.

  • Laura Herrmann   Aug 24, 2020

    Great COVID precautious in place here! Plenty of outdoor seating available. We were seated in about 20 min after putting our name in for lunch. They have rotating beers in addition to what they always have on the menu and staff is knowledgeable about the selection! Highly recommend the pizzas, they are creative and delicious!

  • Tara C.   Sep 04, 2020

    Snake River Brewing gets pretty decent reviews, but it just wasn’t hitting for us. When we pulled up, there’s a large, outdoor space with a bunch of seating, green space, etc. - it looks super fun actually! It was raining and cold the day we were there so we sat inside which was fine by us. Cozied up at a table right next to the fireplace and that’s where their 3 stars are coming from. Fire was great, however, there were a bunch of flies near our table and upon further inspection, all around the fireplace, windows, etc. was dirty; spiderwebs, dust & dirt. I know this is a brewery therefore you’ll have the smell of beer throughout, but the smell was like stale beer that had been sitting for a while - just not appealing. The food: Apparently they’re known for their chili and it’s won awards - it’s a beef/bison chili - it was good, but not great. The chili on its own that is - with all of the toppings, this helped elevate the flavors a bit. Overall, I’d rate the chili a 7. The beer: I opted for their sour - again, good but not anything to write home about. Would give that a 6.5. The service: Was average - I’d give it a 7. The COVID: Staff wears masks and gloves - hand sanitizer can be found throughout, so they’re doing what they should be doing in that respect. An 8. The overall: A good place to grab a couple of beers and hang with friends - they also have plenty of TV’s if you want to catch a game. The cleanliness is really what made this review a 3 - if it weren’t for that, would have probably rated it a 4, but nothing was outstanding and nothing was horrible.

  • Jessica Brown   Aug 30, 2020

    While I fully understand the shortcomings due to a global pandemic, the attitudes that the young servers possess is absolutely unacceptable. Our waitress didn’t pay a bit of attention to detail where we were concerned. We sat for a solid 12 minutes before she came to our table, only after making eye contact with me, and after helping both tables on each side of us. She acted as if we were a bother to her. She has zero issues being friendly to other patrons. Being a business owner myself and having essential workers who are working different scenarios and having to mask up, having changes that are inconvenient, I fully understand the frustrations of everyone. When your job is customer service, regardless of good or bad day, you still should maintain professionalism. Eye rolling is far from professional along with heavily sighing under your breath. Being from Arizona, I assumed things were the same with all breweries. Nothing was explained pertaining to the menu. The beginning of this experience started with me saying “hello, how’s it going, we’d like to start with a couple drinks before we order food if that’s alright” and her response was “that’s why I asked can I get you something to drink besides water” should’ve gotten up and left right out the gate. I’ve followed this establishment as long as I can remember on Instagram and having driven 14 hours to finally support it, it was a huge disappointment on our first day in Jackson Hole. There’s plenty other places to patron and support. Hopefully these younger people get a lesson on customer service and how to leave their attitudes at Hole prior to start of shift.

  • KK Tamminga   Aug 12, 2020

    They have done a great job spacing out tables. Staff wore masks and guests now must arrive with masks and use hand sanitizer. Nice variety of beers. Liked the IPA and Pale ale. The fish and chips were good. Large portions (x4 fillets). Also had their pizza which was nicely done. Well done Snake River Brewing

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