Snake River Brewing & Brewpub

265 S Milward St, Jackson, WY 83001

Most award-winning small brewery in the United States. Family-friendly Brewpub with outdoor seating and a wide variety of menu items.

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  • Jessica Brown   Aug 30, 2020

    While I fully understand the shortcomings due to a global pandemic, the attitudes that the young servers possess is absolutely unacceptable. Our waitress didn’t pay a bit of attention to detail where we were concerned. We sat for a solid 12 minutes before she came to our table, only after making eye contact with me, and after helping both tables on each side of us. She acted as if we were a bother to her. She has zero issues being friendly to other patrons. Being a business owner myself and having essential workers who are working different scenarios and having to mask up, having changes that are inconvenient, I fully understand the frustrations of everyone. When your job is customer service, regardless of good or bad day, you still should maintain professionalism. Eye rolling is far from professional along with heavily sighing under your breath. Being from Arizona, I assumed things were the same with all breweries. Nothing was explained pertaining to the menu. The beginning of this experience started with me saying “hello, how’s it going, we’d like to start with a couple drinks before we order food if that’s alright” and her response was “that’s why I asked can I get you something to drink besides water” should’ve gotten up and left right out the gate. I’ve followed this establishment as long as I can remember on Instagram and having driven 14 hours to finally support it, it was a huge disappointment on our first day in Jackson Hole. There’s plenty other places to patron and support. Hopefully these younger people get a lesson on customer service and how to leave their attitudes at Hole prior to start of shift.

  • Nicole Smith   Sep 17, 2020

    Absolutely delicious. Perfect outdoor seating. They told us it would be a 20 minute wait - and it was. And worth every bit of it. Especially the fried Trout with Kimchi and Jenny Lake Lager. (The steak tacos were delicious, too). Highly recommend.

  • Sheena Skinner   Sep 25, 2020

    Great food, amazing atmosphere, best service, and a very small wait. Were told 15 mins for a wait (when there was over 20 people already waiting) and was seated within 10. Same night that every other restaurant was booked up! Cannot recommend enough! The steak was amazing! The salad was perfect! Their chili is the best I may have ever had. Everything was too notch here!!

  • Bee   Sep 09, 2020

    Try the beer flight! So fun and I was so impressed by the quality of the beer. The horchata creamy ale and sour was my favorite. Food was decent. My husband liked the wings and then we had salads and fried cauliflower bites which were all average. Staff was hit or miss with friendliness. But, we were ultimately there for the beer which was definitely a hit

  • Lindsey Elliot   Sep 18, 2020

    We were in the Jackson area for 4 days and we went here twice - once for lunch and once for dinner. For lunch we were seated immediately and for dinner we waited maybe 15-20 mins, so not bad at all. I ordered the Sour Panda on our first day and really liked it so I got it again when we went back. My husband got the Nitro Speargun Stout for our first visit and liked it, then tried a cider for the second visit and also liked that. The bison burger is very good, the smoked ketchup has great flavor. Go for the sweet potato fries over the regular fries, they’re crispier and more flavorful. Their pretzel is THE BEST pretzel we’ve ever had, and we order pretzels whenever they’re on the menu. The chili was also good - the added jalapeños give it a good kick, but it had good flavor overall. I ordered a cup of the chili with the Cobb salad, and the salad was HUGE. It didn’t have a half-sized option like all the other salads for some reason. But it was good. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the waitstaff is only ok. Not particularly friendly or attentive. The hostess was extremely nice, but both servers we had were very flat and didn’t check on us often or offer to refill our drinks. And the waitress we had for our dinner visit completely neglected us for 20 minutes after I asked for another moment to look at the menu. I would definitely go back for the beer and food, but I know better than to expect good service now.

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