Snake River Brewing & Brewpub

265 S Milward St, Jackson, WY 83001

Most award-winning small brewery in the United States. Family-friendly Brewpub with outdoor seating and a wide variety of menu items.

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  • J   Sep 07, 2021

    This is one of the better places to eat in town, especially for vegetarian options. The mac n cheese was massive and spicy, a great dish to try. We got here at 4pm on a Tuesday and there was no wait, but by 5pm it was a 30 minute wait.

  • Erin Groves   Aug 14, 2021

    We were so disappointed with this place this time. Last time we were here it was one of our favorites. This time the service was very mediocre and we know that things are bad these days. We asked if they do flights of beer and were told no. We were not told that they still do sampler portions and no where on the menu states that. So we proceeded to order over $45 worth of 16 Oz beers just so we could try the different ones we hadn't had before. Then saw another table come out with 4 different sampler portions (a flight....). We asked our server and he said it was on the menu but of course it was not (he even looked for it to point it out.) On top of that it was very hard to get his attention for ordering and bills. We absolutely know things are tough these days and know that we have to wait, we were there for at least 3 hours playing games and having fun. The food was absolutely wonderful as we had experienced before! I know they just recently reopened after remodeling and maybe that was part of the problem. I just wish we had a better experience this time because we really loved this place the last time we were here.

  • Elaine Kuckertz   Aug 31, 2021

    Great post-hike brewpub! The smoked trout dip will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I cannot even describe how delicious it is. Loved the beer, shown here is Earned It IPA. Finally, the vibe here is really solid, tons of outdoor garden space to enjoy your brews and trout dip. Highly recommend if you are visiting the Grand Tetons!

  • Zac Fellabaum   Sep 05, 2021

    This is a great spot with a casual vibe. It can get crowded, so call ahead to check the wait. The bar is opening seating with quite a few seats. Obviously they've got a good beer selection, but the food is awesome too. Smoked trout dip is worth a try. The Buffalo cauliflower app is also very good.

  • Darryl Ford   Aug 15, 2021

    A fun brewery: Wide variety of good beers. Excellent food. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating (though it can get crowded). Worth a visit if you are in Jackson, even if you aren't a big fan of beer. One thing I liked is that the staff didn't waste time trying to explain all the beers to you. If you had a question, they'd answer of course, but otherwise they just tried to serve quickly. Plenty of good eats for the kids, so if you have family in tow this will work for you too.

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