Smith’s Food & Drug

1425 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Brad Coppenbarger   Aug 22, 2020

    Need extensive training regarding customer service. Actually had a checkout clerk not even look me in the eye, say hello, thank you for your business, or any other words of any language. He did utter one thing... the TOTAL. This was just after the clerk next to him yells (and I mean yell) that he is closed as I’d been standing in line and THEN turns the light off! So I continued to bag my own groceries as the clerk stood there looking at his key pad in total silence without even a half attempt at helping. So I ask in this day and age.... Where has customer service gone?

  • Brianna Thorne   Jun 30, 2021

    The pharmacy here is a Absolute nightmare to work with. My mother just got out of the hospital and her medicine was sent here and she had it transfered to a Walmart in a different town and they told her it would take them 24hrs to do so. Called the Walmart pharmacy the next morning and they had yet to receive anything. So they said they would call Smith's, a few hours later we went to Walmart and they hadn't been able to reach Smith's nor had the yet gotten the meds that were supposed to be transferred. I called smiths and finally got some one after being on hold for sometime. They called WalMart and refused to talk to the pharmacist and told the pharmacy technician that they are very busy and would send it when they could. So I called back and talked to a manager and they told me they would send it now still was a while till Walmart received anything. Long story short I get your busy but it's highly important that some people get their medication. However if for some reason I have to use this pharmacy I will not.

  • Sara Rose   Jun 01, 2021

    Only wish they would go back to being open until midnight. Later would be even better.

  • Mel anie   Apr 05, 2021

    A nice Smiths (kroger) in Jackson Hole. We stopped by for lunch - and to see if they had a hot bar. They do not have one but do offer some hot deli foods. The Mac and cheese was really good! I wish they had a touristy goods section but they do not, that I could find. Also, there were some customers in the store without masks - smiths has a policy and should enforce it.

  • JustJames   Jul 03, 2021

    The Pharmacy is a nightmare, STAY AWAY!! Very unprofessional. You can see half a dozen people buzzing around in the back but completely disorganized, they can't even fill a prescription within 3 ½hrs. They have 0 sense of urgency. If they don't have the medication you need you'll have to wait until they order it (if they remember), and it will come on THEIR scheduled shipment. They will not overnight anything for you, regardless of what they say. And though it is important to check and verify they give out the right medication to the right patient, waiting times at the store are 5-10 mins per person. A pharmacy line is NO time to socialize when you have an average of 7 patients in line waiting to get their much needed meds!! Like I said, 0 sense of urgency.

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