Smith’s Food & Drug

1425 S, US-89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Jen Molitor   Aug 05, 2019

    I visited Jackson with a group of teachers. We stopped by Smith's grocery to buy some food for our trip, since we wouldn't be back to town for a few days. I picked out about $43 worth of food and went to check out, bringing 2 different Visa cards. It turns out they don't accept Visa anymore! I only had $27 of cash on me and felt embarrassed! The cashier kept my bagged groceries and suggested I visit the customer service desk. A man, maybe the manager, listened to my concerns, scanned my groceries again (I was going to prioritize $27 worth), and then told me the total would be $27. He gifted me with the additional $13. I was so thankful and told him I would pay his store back, though he told me, "Just pay it forward." So, while the local store is trying to stay in business and making difficult decisions, it also has a caring employee who took care of me. Thank you Smith's!

  • Bill Little   Sep 18, 2019

    Just passing through on our road trip and when we saw Smith's thought, great, just like in Arizona. Got up to the register and discovered they don't take credit cards. Almost walked out and left them with the groceries. Had absolutely no idea as the one in AZ does take credit cards. Thank heavens we had cash on hand but totally unsat for traveller's.

  • Ethan S   Aug 28, 2019

    Katie is a gem! She’s so nice and funny. She ran out after a customer because they forgot a cucumber. Absolutely dedicated. Then she played a funny game of sending food down at me while I was bagging and making them rhyme. She’s a genuine person! Give that lady a raise!

  • Vennet Garca   Dec 01, 2019

    Today, December 1st, at 7:10 am I stopped by to buy some gas however I didn't have my debit card so I had to pay cash and when I went to pay with the cashier at the gas station, his name is Mazu or something similar, he said that he was unable to help me because he was busy doing something else at the moment so I waited 30 minutes for him to assist me eventually I decided to talk to his manager and the only employee who was there was a person named steve, he told me he couldn't contact the manager so I had to wait until the other guy finished meanwhile he was also talking to another customer in a unprofessional manner, he was yelling at the customer and being rude. I was under the impression that in smiths the customer was always first however based on my experience today I believe that is false and as a result I will take my business somewhere else.

  • Ann Fennern   Mar 19, 2020

    Well, this morning I went to Smith's for Senior shopping hour. Several seniors were outside, locked out, it was 18°. Finally, about 7:30 we were told to enter thru another door. At 8 am they open the doors and LITERALLY people were running with their cars thru the store! I was nearly run over 2x! The shelves were mostly empty of any staple kind of items. If there's nothing on the shelves at 7 am it is really pointless to have senior hour at that time of day. There should be police or army reserve people in the stores !

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