Smith’s Food & Drug

1425 S, US-89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Ethan S   Aug 28, 2019

    Katie is a gem! She’s so nice and funny. She ran out after a customer because they forgot a cucumber. Absolutely dedicated. Then she played a funny game of sending food down at me while I was bagging and making them rhyme. She’s a genuine person! Give that lady a raise!

  • Ann Fennern   Mar 19, 2020

    Well, this morning I went to Smith's for Senior shopping hour. Several seniors were outside, locked out, it was 18°. Finally, about 7:30 we were told to enter thru another door. At 8 am they open the doors and LITERALLY people were running with their cars thru the store! I was nearly run over 2x! The shelves were mostly empty of any staple kind of items. If there's nothing on the shelves at 7 am it is really pointless to have senior hour at that time of day. There should be police or army reserve people in the stores !

  • Tristan's World of Fun   May 04, 2020

    Customer service was awful. The must have hired a Walmart manager customers backed up 6-7 deep trying to check out and they did not open additional lanes. The cashiers were working as hard as they could but none of them had baggers so they were limited by management. This is the opposite of most every other experience I have had at a Kroger's owned store. It is just this store. This has happened multiple times at this location.

  • Nick Joyce-Houghton   Jun 20, 2017

    Best grocery store around Jackson by far. Good prices on food, we stocked up for camping in the Tetons. Good organic/natural/bulk section, great cheese and deli, and really excellent produce!

  • Valentin Despa   Jun 22, 2020

    They sell low quality Chinese face masks. The self-checkout machine assumes the customer is a thief. Very slow.

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