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Skinny Skis Jackson Wyoming 83001-3610

For over 40 years now, Skinny Skis has been providing Jackson Hole locals and visitors with high-quality outdoor equipment, apparel, and service. Year round, Skinny Skis provides the best cross-country skiing, mountaineering, trail running, camping, and mountain lifestyle gear. Their friendly staff is always willing to answer questions or lend a hand finding the right piece of gear to complete your next outdoor adventure.

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  • Amelia Zilles   Jul 07, 2022

    They have good clothes but Teton mountaineering has the same clothes at the same price and their customer service is way better. The gals that work here were not helpful at all and did not have create an inviting environment. I ended up buying something that I needed but wish the customer service was a little better.

  • Blake Robison   Dec 07, 2020

    I bought a pair of ski goggles through an auction of theirs, but didn't notice that the auction was pick up in-store only, that was my bad. I live three hours away so it's not exactly easy to pick up in-store for me. I got in contact with the store and they agreed to ship me the goggles and even paid the shipping. I was quite impressed with the lengths they went to to help a customer they've never even met. Great customer support all around!

  • Faviana García - Blasquez   Dec 28, 2022

    Felt observed and judged, definitely not a good experience! I went with my boyfriend to buy winter boots and the first man who helped us was really nice! Moments later when my bf decided which boots he wants another man offered me help, right after I decided which boots I was gonna buy he didn’t want to hand me the box with the boots even tho I wanted to keep shopping which forced me to go straight to check out. After check out I kept looking for other things and the same man who helped me was walking and looking where me and my bf were at all times, I felt really uncomfortable at the moment so I choose quickly what I wanted to buy again and went to check out, the same man did my check out and he wanted me to charge for both boots again, I told him that I had already pay for them and proceed to only hand the money for the item I was buying, after I payed he proceeds to start scanning the boxes of boots one more time and I told him AGAIN that we had already pay for them. This was super uncomfortable and even felt they discriminated us. Would definitely avoid buying here again!

  • Tim “Jhcowboy68” Brooks   Feb 06, 2020

    We live in and play in the surrounding areas around Jackson Hole and the best place to buy all your accessories needed..... Skinny Skiis is the place to get them at. The owners and their staff are top notch, second to none!

  • szabolcs nagy   Oct 06, 2020

    Great little spot to pickup a refreshing trail running pair of shoes. You will meet a knowledgeable and friendly staff at this boutique athletic store.

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