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Skinny Skis Jackson Wyoming 83001-3610

For over 40 years now, Skinny Skis has been providing Jackson Hole locals and visitors with high-quality outdoor equipment, apparel, and service. Year round, Skinny Skis provides the best cross-country skiing, mountaineering, trail running, camping, and mountain lifestyle gear. Their friendly staff is always willing to answer questions or lend a hand finding the right piece of gear to complete your next outdoor adventure.

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  • David Weingart   Feb 11, 2021

    Great service and great staff. They guided me through renting my first pair of nordic skis and later in buying them. I'm very pleased!

  • Ashley Steelefalcon   Aug 20, 2020

    Prices are very steep. Lots of name brands and great options for hiking apparel. A small kids selection is available. One of the only kids keen shoe stores available in Jackson.

  • Chris Caldwell   Feb 19, 2021

    You can measure the character of a business by how they treat a customer who hass low potential for repeat business (because he lives out of town) and who makes a request that takes extra effort from them (can you tune skis I bought from a local resident and arrange to ship them to me?). All 3 people I spoke with were eager to help and it was clear to me that the culture of this shop is all about taking good care of people. Highest recommendation!

  • Blake Robison   Dec 07, 2020

    I bought a pair of ski goggles through an auction of theirs, but didn't notice that the auction was pick up in-store only, that was my bad. I live three hours away so it's not exactly easy to pick up in-store for me. I got in contact with the store and they agreed to ship me the goggles and even paid the shipping. I was quite impressed with the lengths they went to to help a customer they've never even met. Great customer support all around!

  • Nicole Romano   Jan 11, 2021

    We came here after a less than stellar experience trying to rent skis from another shop. We were blown away by the selection and quality of the rentals at Skinny Skis, and they were less than half the price of the other place. We were able to get the metal edged skis we were looking for, but they also had skis for groomed tracks. After one shop giving us broken equipment and another not having our sizes, we couldn’t believe how nice it was to rent here. The staff were super sweet and knowledgeable, giving us advice on the most beautiful or lesser known trails in the area. We’re never going anywhere else!

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