Silver Star Communications

US-89, Freedom, WY 83120, USA

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  • Bella Evans   Sep 21, 2021

    Customer service is great! Best fast internet!

  • Melinda Rimini   Aug 04, 2021

    Customer Service is awful! No one ever seems to really know anything at all. This has personally happened to me on each of the three occasions within the past 3 years that I have had to reach out to them. Pretty sad that the larger the company grows, the worse they get!

  • dwight ellington   Oct 11, 2021

    I was in and out in 40 minutes they worked as a team and got me unloaded, Jenny was super nice and helpful get my truck in and out.

  • Ryan Haverstock   Dec 29, 2020

    What's going on down there at HQ? I've had 3 visits to my house, with 3 different techs (all swell and professional gentlemen), over 3 months and still don't have the fiber internet I elected 3 months ago (it is sitting wired and powered but only a fourth tech has the permission to turn it on...or some story like that). My initial internet offering consisted of 10/1.5 MB/s DSL so I opted for fiber and then lo and behold I was given 30 MB/s/2.5 DSL to bridge me to fiber -- this wasn't on the menu of options when I signed up for service. The story always seems to be changing. The customer service rep hasn't been aware of the numerous tech visits and so the techs show up unannounced -- not at all professional. Lot of room for improvement down there at HQ. We're so close, why can't we finish this job?

  • Danyel Cazier   Nov 29, 2021

    Silverstar needs to work on customer relations, I received a bill of 500 dollar overage on data that I did not use. When asking about it I was told well, cell phones don’t just use data on their own! I work from very early morning to late night with a 2 hour commute. I’m not on my phone ever nor do I use data. When at home I’m connected to my house WiFi and when at work I’m connected to work WiFi. I’m working when I’m at work not using 500 dollars worth of data. Also when I’m driving I’m driving not using 500 dollars worth of data. Come on Silverstar this is a crock. Also when they hooked up my high speed internet ( which is absolutely no faster than my old internet they just threw it in a corner and walked away knowing I didn’t want it there. They tried to charge me to come back and put another box upstairs because my WiFi wouldn’t work up there. Fortunately I did not end up paying for that because it should of been done right the first time. But… they absolutely tried to get me to pay for it.

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