Silver Dollar Showroom

50 Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Silver Dollar Showroom is Jackson’s favorite live music venue located inside the historic Wort Hotel.

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  • Anna Murphy   Jul 14, 2020

    Great place & great food! I got the Trout and Bison steak combo and it was truly some of the best I have had. Service was very efficient and the atmosphere was really cool. We went on a Sunday, but it looks like they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Highly recommend.

  • Balkan   Jul 24, 2020

    Showroom had just ok food but the atmosphere and live music and setting were wonderful. Cafe had excellent food and coffee and service. So perfect and convenient when staying at the Wort hotel. Really impressive for a touristy area that could be a tourist trap but isn't.

  • James Lyngholm   Jun 03, 2021

    We stayed in the Wort partially because this bar was downstairs. Drinks the first night. Great! Food the next day. Great! Drinks and some crazy band on Tuesday night! Great. Actually, One Ton Pig and the group that shows up to see them are an event all by themselves. I didn't get the redheaded bartender name but he was by himself and was slinging beverages like he had 4 arms! Came in a little late last night and Phil was nice enough to accommodate us even though we were a few minutes late. (Hope he doesn't get in trouble). Ate there AGAIN today cause we haven't had a bad meal yet! Great. They are normally pretty busy and I assume they are probably under staffed so be kind and have patience. Barb was a great server and was very affable. Great crew!!

  • alan Debs   Jun 19, 2022

    This places is the worst. The last time I was there I got food poisoning but I decided to try again after a number of months since restaurants are so limited here. We had a couple of burgers and two drinks with friends on a separate tab. We all had a discrepancy with our bill in which they charged us for upgraded margaritas that we did not order, and charged us for extra drinks which we did not order or drink. When we asked for them to fix the bill they just added the extra charges to our friends bill at the table but did not fix anything. Then, they put an auto gratuity of 18% onto each bill (which is illegal for a party of less than 6 people). You should not auto gratuity a bill you messed up on, it’s the entire point of tipping. We tried to get the manager and he avoided us, even after we waived him over and tried to speak with him in person. After we paid, as we were walking out of the restaurant, we told people around us to check their bill. Then, the manager came over and shoved my 5’7’’ girlfriend and called the cops on us! Check your waiter cleanliness AND the bill very closely if you dare to eat there!

  • Kaitlin Windham   Apr 17, 2021

    Smoke Salmon cakes and PB&J appetizers were amazing. The Elk Gyro was phenomenal. Live music was exceptional. Loved the laid back atmosphere with high quality service. Very impressed. Probably the best dining experience we've had in Jackson, WY.

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