The Silver Dollar Bar & Grill

Silver Dollar Bar & Grill, Glenwood Street, Jackson, WY, USA

Located inside the historic Wort Hotel, the Silver Dollar Bar & Grill has been serving the Jackson Hole community breakfast, lunch and dinner since 1950. The Silver Dollar also has daily happy hour and live music in the Showroom.

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  • Philippe Bertin   Sep 18, 2023

    The place itself looks great, but the burger left me disappointed. One slice of lettuce, two slices of tomato, too much onion, and a patty. Are my expectations too high for a $19 burger before taxes and tips?

  • Sean McCain   Aug 11, 2023

    Had dinner there a few nights ago, pretty busy but still some open tables on a Wednesday night, got there around 7. Food was amazing 5/5 had the pork chop and the corn chowder as a starter both cooked perfect and friend had the ribeye which was great but more on the medium side when ordered medium rare. But the service was AWFUL!!! Our server was an older blondish women possibly European that didn't even introduce herself just came up asking if we were ready and we weren't and walked away quickly. We eventually ordered and she's literally walking away as I finish ordering my entree and can't even give eye contact the entire time. We had a gimlets and it was served on the rocks and I would have preferred up but was never given the option. All in all she never spent more than 10 seconds at our table and it wasn't busy enough to justify her running off. Rude service overall and I currently work as a server inside the national park and understand summer has been long and busy but this was ridiculous. If I'm paying over $150 for a meal at least act like you care. Next time will dine at the bar

  • Tony Simotes   Jun 23, 2023

    Beyond expectations! I've passed this chic hotel just off the famous square of Jackson Hole WY many times. Finally followed the music and smell of good cooking into a larger than expected room filled with people and decor to match the upscale environment! A great western band, wooden dance floor, and two bars filled the oversized restaurant. Our party was fully satisfied with great food, entertainment, and a lively night on the town!

  • Andreas Steiner   Jun 16, 2023

    A great experience in Jackson! We ate at the bar and the service was outstanding. A 5* hotel couldn't do better. The food was amazing and the prices for Jackson were reasonable. The atmosphere is comfortable western style in a very cool hotel located. There is also an option for outside seating and the live music was awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • zheng wang   Aug 21, 2023

    1 min walk from town Square. Had a dinner, not allowed for the bar side since we have kids. Sitting down the other dinner side. The food was OK. First time trying the elk sliders. My opinion, the regular burger was better. Corn chowder was pretty good.

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