Signal Mountain Lodge

Inner Park Road, Grand Teton National Park, Moran Wyoming 83013

Signal Mountain Lodge is a full-service resort and campgrounds located on the shore of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Signal Mountain Lodge is the only lakefront accommodations in the park and operates sustainably in every way possible. Setting a new standard for the lodging industry, Signal Mountain has policies and procedures regarding water quality protection and conservation, recycling, waste reduction and more all with the park and our planet in mind.


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  • DANA NOLAND   Jun 22, 2022

    Had lunch here one day while wandering through. It was very busy but they were able to seat us in the Bar for immediate service vs a 20 minute plus wait for the Restaurant Dining area (which of course has a very nice view of Jenny Lake). Food was very good and of more than ample portions. The Staff were very attentive despite the crowd and service overall just impeccable.

  • P M   Jun 25, 2022

    We stayed here in the home away from home cabin and it was excellent. Beautiful views, very spacious cabin and included washer and dryer in unit. Staff was friendly, nice grocery store and restaurant. This was the best of all places that we stayed on our Yellowstone and Grand Teton trip and everyone loved it. Expensive but worth it !

  • Erich Dix   Sep 08, 2022

    Amazing experience staying in the cabins here with my wife and 2 young children. The accommodations are great and they are committed to a national park feel at their business. Large box fan kept the daytime temps nice without air conditioning. The food is fantastic. I think this is a hidden gem and will absolutely return.

  • Paul Zielinski   Oct 12, 2022

    Rented a cabin along Jackson Lake with great view of the Tetons for 6 nights. Central location makes for easy drive to all areas of the National Park. On site restaurant food is excellent. Very nice gift shop. Laundromat on site is very convenient. General Store has a coffee bar. Don't feed the fox!

  • Ronald A.   Aug 22, 2022

    If you enjoy your sleep I would recommend staying away from booking any room that will have a guest above you. You will hear every move they make. After they have checked out (even if it's 8 am) you will then be greeted by cleaning staff that immediately follows. If you have a dog the lodge will force you take one of these lower rooms. The logic behind that is completely lost on me. The guests will make far more noise than my dog ever will. To make things more interesting their restaurant has a limited take-out menu. This is normally fine, but if you have kids who don't eat their extremely limited breakfast menu the staff won't lift a finger to help accommodate you in any way. The manager even confirmed to me that I could take a table, order from their full menu, and then request it all be placed in to go containers. Due to time constraints (the whole reason I needed a take out option) I couldn't take things to this level. However, the point is my kids could have easily gotten a decent breakfast had the staff decided to assist me in some way. If none of that concerns you then you will indeed have a beautiful landscape to enjoy during your stay. I'll credit mother nature for that one though.

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