Signal Mountain Lodge

Inner Park Road, Grand Teton National Park, Moran Wyoming 83013

Signal Mountain Lodge is a full-service resort and campgrounds located on the shore of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Signal Mountain Lodge is the only lakefront accommodations in the park and operates sustainably in every way possible. Setting a new standard for the lodging industry, Signal Mountain has policies and procedures regarding water quality protection and conservation, recycling, waste reduction and more all with the park and our planet in mind.


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  • stacy stover   Mar 13, 2020

    When we go back this will be the place we staym the view, the staff, so many options at a great price!!

  • Toon Shader   Oct 11, 2019

    Where did it go?! So, I'm sitting there on my porcelain throne getting ready to drop a dipper with the skipper. Next thing I know it's time to lay down the law over all the little critters in my bowl, and I'm letting out a HUGE dip. It felt so great. Grade A beef torpedo plowing out the old caboose. Man, I felt so proud to have let out such a dip, so I take a a quick peek down low. What?! It's not there! It's like it just vanished into thin air and left me all alone. I wanted to frame it. Anyways, there was a little guy down there. Water was only slightly brown so I knew it was say to go fishing for it with my hands. Framed it in memory of the one that got away.

  • stacy webster   Sep 21, 2019

    We really enjoyed this place! Our party rented the "home away from home" and a small cabin. Even though they warn they do not have good views, this pic is from the big window of the "home away from home." It seems the majority of the cabins have some glimpse of the water. The lodge is in the perfect location. It is secluded, yet close to other lodges and historical sites. The food was decent and there are hiking paths that start right near the lodge. We would definitely come back to this lodge.

  • Cathie Bales   Sep 24, 2019

    Fabulous views of the Tetons. Nice comfortable rooms, cabins also available. Beautiful lake and easy access to hiking. There is a restaurant, bar, general store, campground, laundry and gas station. All the services you could need. Definitely a great place to stay and enjoy the area.

  • ben rourke   Oct 25, 2019

    Most beautiful lodge I've stayed at in the parks. All the employees were lovely and extremely helpful. Strongly suggest staying for as long as you can. It takes time to appreciate the park so you need several days. The restaurant was amazing as well.

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