Signal Mountain Lodge

Inner Park Road, Grand Teton National Park, Moran Wyoming 83013

Signal Mountain Lodge is a full-service resort and campgrounds located on the shore of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Signal Mountain Lodge is the only lakefront accommodations in the park and operates sustainably in every way possible. Setting a new standard for the lodging industry, Signal Mountain has policies and procedures regarding water quality protection and conservation, recycling, waste reduction and more all with the park and our planet in mind.


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  • Laura Kollmorgen   Aug 01, 2020

    Very cool place! We stayed for the night in an amazing little cabin and they let us keep our RV in their overflow parking lot. We rented a canoe for a few hours for a great price and even caught some fish. Their internet connection was absent at a few sites, but there were so many activities that it didn't matter.

  • Gary Schulte   Aug 28, 2020

    No restaurants, only small general store with pre-prepared sandwiches. TIP: Grad your sandwich and walk down towards the marina. Sit at picnic tables just above the marina and enjoy the striking view over the lake of the Tetons in the distance.

  • Deb Clark   Aug 12, 2020

    Fantastic views of the Grand Tetons. Photos are all from the room's porch/patio, or the path to the lake just outside the room. Waking up with Jackson Lake and that VIEW mere footsteps away is invigorating and exactly what a vacation is for. Very well run and professional. All covid precautions in place and followed. Went back for a second night during our 17 day road trip, since I loved it so much.

  • AJ Colby   Jul 23, 2020

    Quickly and conveniently rented some kayaks after a bad experience up the road at another business. Bill helped us out and we were on the water before we knew it. No time minimum and cheaper rate than competitors. Got lunch up at the general store after floating. Thank you!

  • Anna Krzysztonek   Aug 27, 2020

    o Staff is great and so accommodating! There is really nothing around, no hiking trails. We have stayed for one night, so it was OK. Cabins are very spacious with full kitchen; bathroom was recently renovated very nicely; the only remark would be that the carpets are about 70 years old and they need to be replaced big time. o Internet was free and signal was strong; otherwise we had no mobile signal. o Restaurant was closed and only available food was at the general store – limited food options, however they did have expresso machine and latter was delicious!

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