Shoshone Rose Casino and Hotel

5690 US-287, Lander, WY 82520, USA

  • barb mays   Oct 27, 2022

    I've been waiting for 2 years to come here and it was disappointing for sure. Hardly anyone here for the casino. No big wins. You still have to wear a mask, grrr. I'm so over that pointless mask and so is the rest of the world. No alcohol on the property at all. No complementary breakfast for guests. Just no reason to come back. Photo of beautiful scenery at least on the way there

  • Bernice Seminole   Jan 06, 2023

    I love this small casino. I won a good deal of money here on Dec. 31st, 2022. Rooms were booked up bc they had hand games going on. Good place to relax and enjoy yourself and win a little extra money!

  • C. Ferreyra   Feb 05, 2023

    Great hotel. Lots of free parking. Housekeeping had to replace a missing hair dryer. Friendly staff. 1-800 number tried to get me to stay elsewhere. I had to call direct number to make reservation.

  • Yubamark stedman   May 21, 2023

    Seem to do better here than the bigger casino in Riverton. Although they only have 5 video poker machines, the pay tables are decent at $1 level, the highest coin allowed. Surprisingly, this casino has nearly been empty every time I've visited. On my last visit the café wasn't very good. On the previous few visits, the cafe was good, with reasonable/good pricing. Like the other casinos in Wyoming, there is no smoking or alcohol allowed on the premises. I will visit again. It seems to be worthwhile to drive from Riverton at least.

  • Kendra Leu   Apr 05, 2023

    Everything is great there! The machines are nice to us when we come! The only downfall is that "most" workers there are rude! No customer skills and the seniors that play bingo don't like new comers. They act like it's they're casino!

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