444 S Center St, Casper, WY 82601, USA

SHIFT celebrates the outdoor recreation/conservation/cultural relevancy partnership with food, film, speakers, workshops and outdoor adventure.

  • Todd Titus   May 05, 2021

    I leased a private office here for 6 months. This was my first experience with a co-working space and I was extremely impressed. The entire area is impeccably clean, comfortable, easy to access and generally just a cool place to invite clients. Highly recommended!

  • Barry Rawn   May 26, 2021

    This place really enhances my working time while in Casper, it's a great support for creative activities. I've been coming here three years in a row. I love the clean, colourful space- support includes whiteboards, screens, conference rooms, and private offices. As well as a friendly dog that scampers at play but never makes a sound! The design of the place is a really interesting example of sustainable re-use and re-purposing of materials, while being beautiful and professional. Also the in-house coffee machine and kitchen is a great perk.

  • Monica   May 26, 2021

    First class, everything I need in an office when I am in Casper. There is light music but not too loud. The facilities are beautifully designed and the owner is very responsive and helpful. His young little dog is quiet, friendly and ready to play if encouraged, but has never been aggressive in the 2+ years I've been coming here. Interesting people and 24 hour access makes this an exceptional place to get work done in the community.

  • Matthew Ranta   Aug 02, 2023

    Easy to find, nice, clean space with good desks, and furniture. Whole building is well appointed and very nicely planned. The way to sign up for a drop in rate for a day is fairly easy and straight forward off the website. The dog that was mentioned in another review is actually pretty sweet. She's let's say cautious but if you know dogs and treat her well she's totally fine and not aggressive - she could use more socialization and training but she's not aggressive. The music in the space is far too loud though, to the point of making it almost not possible to work in. Even with noise cancelling earbuds in, playing music I could hear it still. Plus it's country, non-stop country. It's even played on a speaker outside the building. The rate is ok but a bit expensive at $25/day, for $20 in Denver, you can get a day pass to a space that has free coffee/tea and beer plus access to a gym room. For $7 in Billings, MT you can get access to a very nice space. Additionally, there is no place to really actually find quiet and have a confidential call. There was an open office space that was offered for calls, but you can hear EVERYTHING through the walls from the person next door, and still hear the music. Nice people and nice space but with those challenges I don't know that I'd drop in here again. A call/phone booth or two would really help, plus the music should be turned down if not just off. I've never been in a co-working space that plays music non-stop all over the building.

  • John Rimmasch   Dec 27, 2023

    Having traveled the world and used office spaces like this all over the world, this one has been by far one of the best. Clean, easy to use, great staff....I even loved the cute dog that roams around! The staff was very accommodating and very easy to work with. I spent 4 months at this location in the open office space area and loved every minute of it. I'd come back in a heartbeat! First class... great facility!

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