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  • des orden   Sep 20, 2022

    Went in on a Tuesday at 6am after a month of waiting for an appointment to get my check engine light fixed. they call me on Wednesday at about 2pm and tell me my car is ready. I go in the lady just hands me my bill & I’m like wait what did you even do? She gives me a bill for $100 for an oil and filter change. Nobody fixed my check engine light THE ONLY REASON I had brought it in that day. The manager or some guy in charge tells me his sorry and he can get my car IN 3 WEEKS. After a month of waiting for an appointment. Nobody took any accountability for their mistake, I had to miss work and get Ubers to drop off my car and didn’t fix it. They weren’t affected by the situation but I was. I wouldn’t go here again or trust them. Also the fact that they had my car for more than 24 hours just to do an oil & filter change, sketchy.

  • Em Meier   Jul 14, 2022

    Shervin's and their service manager Rob came through for us during a set of pretty terrible circumstances on a recent trip to visit family in Idaho. We are very, very grateful for the kindness from Rob and the other employees at the shop. Our engine experienced a catastrophic failure and we had to be towed from the far north end of the park back into town; we called at least 10 other shops (!!!) and were turned away. Rob offered to at least look at our vehicle and provide us with a diagnosis, even though they were slammed. Rob's communication was clear and honest, and even though it was bad news, he helped us make the most of a bad situation. We would recommend this shop (kind technicians and great customer service) to anyone who needs an honest repair. To anyone looking for repairs in the area: be kind and patient. Everyone is overwhelmed with work and short staffed, and are trying their best!

  • Amberlynn Porterfield   Aug 12, 2022

    Our truck was throwing codes while traveling. We stopped at 3 dealerships and all said they couldn't get to us for a week. Shervin's squeezed is in quick so we wouldn't miss our doctor's appointment. They very very polite and helpfull.

  • Krista   Aug 04, 2022

    I brought in a ATV tire to get Just a tube put in and I got charged for a Mount and Balance. 1st of all who balances 1 tire and 2nd of all they put a Big bubble in my tire. Then they go and charge me supplies. Wow, will never go back to that business any. Next time a customer comes in with just 1 thing they need to get done, call the customer before doing any other work. Also inform the customer that when you installed the tube you accidentally put a bubble in a brand new tire. That would of been more professional.

  • Landon Kellogg   Dec 13, 2022

    Received a simple oil change here I called first thing in the morning to schedule & to make sure they had all the info they needed on my vehicle to have the proper filter and oil ready. Brought it in later that afternoon at the scheduled time expecting 15-30 minute turnaround as a simple oil change should be. I waited almost 2 full hours while they claimed they were waiting on the parts (a simple filter and 10quarts of oil), which I assumed would have been prepared and thought of ahead of time being that they knew I was coming in at that time. To top things off, when I checked things out under my vehicle after the service was completed there was spilt oil all over my pan, leaking from my drain plug as well as filter, they must have been running low on rags that day, ha. Just plain ridiculous will not be using this shop ever again.

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