Shervin’s Auto and Tire Care

400 U.S. 89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Tire care and mechanic repair garage.

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  • S Mano   Jul 20, 2023

    I was very impressed with the professionalism and the excellent work. They’ve done on my car. Sarah and Jo where very patient in explaining the process to me. Jimmy, who is the main man to take care of the operations on getting the repairs completed. He was exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. I am so glad I didn’t have to drive 170 miles to get to my dealership for the repairs and maintenance. I’ve been to many dealerships for my car and Shervins did a better job, they were honest with a smile the whole time! Great work guys!

  • Elliott Borneman   Sep 11, 2023

    If I could give this place a zero I would. I came in back in February for a due to a screw being in on of my tires. Thinking it was only going to be that. After waiting for over an hour and half I called and the lady stated that 2 additional tires were having issues and that I also had a few lug stems that were broke. She said she could not release my car back to me till at least the lug stems were fixed and she also said that the work was already done which I did NOT approve. Upon giving me my car back it was NOT recommended to me that a balance and rotation should be done due to many factors. Fast forward to today, I noticed that since those repairs were done that this vehicle was in need for a balance on the tires. A different guy named Jim took my key and within 5-minutes of my leaving called and said that he couldn’t do it due to the condition of the front tires. When I asked about why these things were not recommended to me back when I had my vehicle in here he had nothing to say. So going forward I will not be dealing with any tire place here in Jackson and will take my business to Idaho Falls going forward. These shops take advantage of locals and do not care since they are so overwhelmed with business.

  • Landon Kellogg   Dec 13, 2022

    Received a simple oil change here I called first thing in the morning to schedule & to make sure they had all the info they needed on my vehicle to have the proper filter and oil ready. Brought it in later that afternoon at the scheduled time expecting 15-30 minute turnaround as a simple oil change should be. I waited almost 2 full hours while they claimed they were waiting on the parts (a simple filter and 10quarts of oil), which I assumed would have been prepared and thought of ahead of time being that they knew I was coming in at that time. To top things off, when I checked things out under my vehicle after the service was completed there was spilt oil all over my pan, leaking from my drain plug as well as filter, they must have been running low on rags that day, ha. Just plain ridiculous will not be using this shop ever again.

  • Elvis C   Jan 22, 2024

    First of all Rob is an invaluable asset to Shervin's. He's always friendly, helpful, understanding and listens attentively. Up until this past summer/fall I'd only used Shervin's for tire change overs. But with my truck being ten years old I started to have front end components go bad. Throughout the course of the summer and fall I starting replacing parts as I could afford to buy them. So this led me to needing multiple alignments and this is were my respect for Shervin's and their employees (more specifically Rob and the gentlemen that does the alignments) really continued to grow. After I replaced some more parts and brought it in Rob said, "we only needed to adjust the toe, so we didn't need to do a full alignment" which saved me money. I thought it would need a full alignment and that's what I asked for but they did what was needed, because they are trained professionals and I am not. Each time which ended up being three different times I needed to get the alignment/toe checked Rob would call me a day or two later to ask how my truck was going. This last time I told him I was still hearing a slight rattle in the front end after replacing the Steering Gear box and Pitman arm. He said, "let's get it back in and double check it again, when are you free" My appointment was for 9am this morning 1/22/24 and the Alignment Tech (sorry I forgot his name but he is the only tech that does the alignments) came with me for a quick ride to hear the noise I was describing. He heard the noise and said lets get it on the lift and I will check it. He did and after checking all the steering components which were all tight, he notices I hadn't put the proper amount of grease in the lower ball joints. I thought I had and was worried about putting too much and breaking the rubber boot that I didn't put enough. He put the proper amount in both sides and also checked the upper ball joints, pitman arm, tie rod ends, idler arm and added grease where needed. He met me around front to check out with Rob and told him what he checked and what he did and Rob said, "great, let's get you out of here" NO charge for the recheck and grease. I was expecting to pay at least something for the recheck and or grease, I wasn't going in expecting something for nothing. I've only been in maybe a half dozen times in the past couple years for small items but my experience the first time with a simple tire swap has me continuing to call Shervin's and be a happy repeat customer. I live a stones throw from Shervin's which makes it convenient yes, but it's the people that keep me going back. Thank you and until next time

  • Bo Calais   Jan 04, 2024

    My rear brakes started tearing up the rotors as I was driving to the east coast and Rob came to the rescue. I got there in the morning and he was able to send me on my way by the afternoon. He ordered parts right after we initially talked about what was going on. He even ordered some parts that he wasn't sure he would need (before taking the brakes apart) just to make sure he could get me on the road as soon as possible. Even despite me rooting for his rival sports teams haha, he was super kind and willing to go the extra mile.

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