Shannon Marie Artistry

75 N Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Helen Schacht   Jan 28, 2020

    Even if Shannon were not a family member, I would give this up and coming, talented artist a 5+. Shannon captures the very soul of her subject with her amazing work. You will have a good investment if you purchase her work because this artist is going places.

  • Jessica Chambers   Jan 28, 2020

    Shannon Marie Schacht is a phenomenal Jackson Hole and mountain west artist with a very clear and captivating aesthetic! I love her brush stroke wildlife paintings! She also gives back to her community with her art. She’s down to earth and is all around lovely. She’s the kind of local artist who makes Jackson Hole what it is: a local hotspot for wildlife and artists of all kinds—I’m happy to support her work.

  • Jamie Graham   Jan 28, 2020

    Shannon is an incredibly talented artist! The way she captures her subject’s eyes amazes me! She is a beautiful artist inside and out! I cherish the pieces of work I have or hers and I always look forward to seeing what she does next!

  • Kristin Combs   Jan 30, 2020

    Shannon Marie is one of the most passionate artists we’ve ever met. Her art is not just visual but a true representation of her compassion toward our wild neighbors. Using inspiration from all the amazing wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Shannon captures the beauty and grace these animals exhibit. She has been most generous to many local conservation efforts for wildlife and donates her time and paintings freely. She gives back to the community regularly. You can know that a purchase of her art will also help local wildlife conservation efforts. Can’t recommend her enough!

  • Luisa   Jan 28, 2020

    Shannon is the most incredible and inspiring artist I follow! She puts so much effort and thought into every beautiful piece of art work. l absolutely love keeping up with her magical quality work. Her art work fits beautifully with the theme of my home and I would love to eventually own a couple pieces for each room. I love showing off her art work she has on Instagram and taking my family or friends to tour the beautiful pieces she has in a few galleries. It's incredible to watch the process of her amazing talent come together. For me personally, art work is therapeutic and a beautiful touch to a home! I would highly recommend Shannon Marie Artistry, simply amazing!!!

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