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Scenic Safaris, U.S. 89, Jackson, WY, USA

Experience your next trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks with a Scenic Safaris summer tour. Geysers, wildlife, and amazing views await in this area of Jackson, Wyoming. You can explore the area by ATV, side-by-side tours/rentals, luxury van, or by foot with our trained guides. Join us and explore the most popular national parks in America!

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  • T O   Mar 02, 2021

    We recently purchased a snowcoach Yellowstone tour for our family of 8. Eleanor was our first contact to get us started and was very helpful. Our oldest son wanted to propose to his girlfriend during the trip if he could find the right spot and right time. We let the guide know prior to the trip so he could help him set it up. Fitz was our guide and could not have been more helpful. He let the other guides know so their groups would have time to clear out, so they could have the spot to themselves for the occasion. He even did the photography! LOL. All along the way he shared some of the history about the park and made it fun. Fitz, we love you man, you helped make memories for our family and we appreciate it more than you will ever know.

  • Jax Adams   Jan 14, 2021

    Their website makes you fill out everything on the form, just to tell you that online scheduling is not available at this time, and that all reservations need to be made by calling in... so I’ve tried calling every day (at LEAST 3 times a day) for over a week now TRYING to get a hold of someone to discuss snowmobile tours. I’ve left 2 messages. Never received a callback. The only person I was able to ACTUALLY talk to told me to call back later and ask for “reservations”

  • Alan Cook   Mar 06, 2021

    Great trip into Yellowstone to see Old Faithful erupt after waiting an entire two minutes! Our guide Jared did a great job getting everyone comfortable with driving their Skidoo and then off we went on the 100 mile round trip journey through Yellowstone NP! Plenty of time to visit Biscuit Basin and the bison herd there.

  • Morgan White   Feb 19, 2021

    Yellowstone Snowmobile Tour: We did a private tour (party of four) on February 12, 2021. Great outdoor adventure. It was like driving through a winter wonderland. Our tour guide Joe was very professional, knowledgeable, and punctual. He was also exceedingly patient while teaching these first time snowmobilers how to drive. Would recommend this tour group to anyone looking for a wonderful experience snowmobiling through Yellowstone National Park.

  • Matthew Prather   Jun 07, 2021

    Great service, friendly folks. We weren't sure what to expect really (as far as rules go) but we had a lot of freedom to get out and ride the UTV in a lot of areas. Would 100% recommend spending a day cruising with your family around Slide Lake area and Curtis Canyon.

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