Salt Lake / Jackson Express

785 S Railroad Ave, Sugar City, ID 83448, USA

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  • Daniel Smith   Dec 08, 2023

    I have traveled with this company many times and I actually do have issues with it but I want to leave this review with 5 stars for the driver Aaron Shippen who drove the bus I was on recently. He was considerate with my luggage and even secured my duffel bag of computer parts for their safety. He drove us through darkness, fog, and snow without any issues. I have had some terrible luck with this company at times but this driver deserves the 5 stars.

  • Jill Cameron   Dec 28, 2023

    I've taken the SL Express twice this month and had a great experience both times! This is my first time on the big bus. I'm not sure how old it is, but it needs to be upgraded, IMO. It's incredibly noisy, wind whistling at a nearly deafening volume. The saving grace for this trip was the driver, Joseph Forbess. He's awesome! He deserves a raise and a mini fridge! 🤣🤣🤣 He's very friendly and professional, not to mention....he's a great driver! Please pass this on to him! And please......upgrade his bus! #4539 Thank you for providing this much needed service!! Jill Idaho Falls

  • Jared Hileman   Feb 05, 2024

    I book a lot of travel for individuals in my line of work, and I have never had such a smooth experience as when I worked with Jessa L in customer service who works down in the St. George location. We had a complicated account credit situation, and she handled it with ease. I've never had an easier time booking travel!

  • Tammie Hinkle   Feb 06, 2024

    THE worst!! They decided to just "skip our stop"....sorry, too bad, so sad. Buy another ticket 🤣 your ticker was for the time they didn't show, not our problem. We had purchased an advanced ticket, so the driver knew(or should have known)that someone was waiting at that stop....well, apparently he didn't want/need to stop, so too bad, so sad Not to mention we had some place to be on a schedule(my daughter's gymnastics competition, shes 12)-the entire purpose for the trip & now it will be missed because the driver didn't feel like picking us up. The level of incompetence is ridiculous!!! Update: despite having a pre-purchased ticket, for the driver skipping the stop & missing daughter's gymnastics competition, having to purchase 2 tickets to make it to our destination...we were offered a $30 credit for a future trip(no refund for the missed trip, no refund at all, just a credit for a partial next trip-so we can give them more money). That they may or not offer reliable transportation. It's laughable!! You just can't make this stuff up!!!

  • Kelly Romine   Nov 28, 2023

    My husband and I took the shuttle over to Utah on Thanksgiving morning. It's a great way to get around. Something that needs to be done is the management at Salt Lake Express and the management at Shaka's in Idaho falls need to clean up the waiting area. Smells horrible like smoke. Was covered in trash and had blood on the floor in there. I am at fault 110% with not going in Thanksgiving morning and saying something. But please look into it. It needs a makeover in there. There were holes in the walls and none of us sat on the chairs because it was disgusting. The ride there was not bad we were in a smaller bus. The way back from Ogden was the large bus probably returning students to Byu-I to return to school. We were picked up in Ogden and it was late. Which I get not everyone is on time. But please please tell your drivers to announce on that big bus. Do not put suitcases and backpacks on the seats. The very front seat had a set of suit cases and bags on it we kept going further back and couldn't find places to sit because people were inconsiderate and had their backpacks on the seats. We had to ask people to move their bags so we could sit. People are rude and inconsiderate. Please please have bus drivers announce don't put your dang bags on the seats. That bus was totally full. And many people had to ask to have people move their bags. That's not your company's fault of the rudeness. Otherwise was a good to and from trip.

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