Salt Lake / Jackson Express

785 S Railroad Ave, Sugar City, ID 83448, USA

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  • Joseph Nuttall   Dec 01, 2022

    Good people who are responsible Houston p. Is a good driver who you can tell knows how to drive well and safely. He anticipates things very well. In general at least for traveling across states they do a good job

  • Angela Theriault   Sep 26, 2022

    I use the Salt Lake Express pretty frequently for long trips from Idaho to Utah. Most drivers are great, but I have to say it always makes me extra happy when I find out Aaron is the driver from Idaho to Salt Lake or vice versa. He has the best attitude and is the most polite person ever! You can tell that he loves what he does and he's so patient with everyone. He is my favorite driver by far!

  • Alisse Larkin   Jul 18, 2022

    Terrible service. Would give a 0 stars if possible. I had a round trip ticket from Northern Utah to Southern Utah, and both directions were terrible experiences. The drivers were consistently at least an hour late, and a trip that was supposed to take 7 hours took 12 because none of the drivers were on schedule so I would have to wait hours for my connecting shuttles. I’ve seen other reviews where passengers were notified if the shuttle was running late. That was not my experience. I stood at the shuttle pickup locations for a minimum of 30 minutes before the shuttles arrived. The buses and shuttles were dirty. The drivers are rude, and the customer service is a joke. After contacting the travel center about my experience, their response was “Sorry you had a poor experience, we hope you’ll travel with us again and change your mind!” I’d rather not travel at all than take the salt lake express again. Save yourself the trouble and use another form of transportation

  • Emi Ly   Nov 21, 2022

    Great drivers, always on time! They really help me get where I need to go and the drivers will help you getting where you need to go. Houston P. is one of the great drivers apart of this team. He drives so smoothly through town that I can take a nap on the way home.

  • Danika Jones   Nov 28, 2022

    I love the Walmart shuttle, it’s always on time and the drivers are always greeting you with joy or enthusiasm. I will say that there are a few bus drivers that aren’t as safe as others, but Houston P. is not one of those, he is a very safe driver. Constantly aware of everything he’s in control of, he’s never on his phone, and his braking and acceleration are very gentle and barely noticeable. So far, he is the greatest shuttle driver I’ve had. Thank you Houston for getting me to my destinations safely and in a timely manner, you are appreciated!

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