Roy’s Auto Repair

1025 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Phillip Hemens   Jan 29, 2020

    Good service, quick and affordable repairs. Saved our road trip!

  • Ted Ryan   Aug 21, 2019

    Roy fit us into his already packed schedule to replace the front rotors on our van. We got them a little toasty coming down the pass and they warped. He not only got it done by noon but he called when he said he would! Not enough mechanics communicate as well as him. In addition to getting us on our way he gave us a good natured hard time about not riding the brakes down the pass and told us to gear down, not brake. Age old advice that we knew but didn't follow. Thanks Roy! He is a look you in the eye, no BS kind of honest. Use him with confidence.

  • Patrick Guy   Jun 16, 2019

    Traveling from Texas, and two thousand miles into our great family vacation in the Grand Tetons, my 2000 Land Cruiser alternator light came on 1/4 of the way around the great Yellowstone National Park loop. I preserved the battery, made it back to the Jackson Lake Lodge where we were staying, and began the process of thinking (actually worrying) how to get the alternator replaced (the battery was month old so I knew 98% that it was not the issue). I am a "do it yourself" vehicle owner and had the tools with me but I simply did not want to do the work on vacation. I also did not know if the alternator was available. After searching Yelp & Google reviews I landed on Roy's Auto Repair in Jackson WY. I called Roy early the next morning and he immediately showed empathy for my situation (on vacation and vehicle won't work). He said he was overloaded with work but volunteered that if I got the car in by 10AM, he would have it back at the end of the day. He kept his promise and I was out by 5pm same day with everything working even after they had to navigate a stripped out alternator bolt (not their fault). The price I was charged was totally fair. We had never spoken (I'd never asked) about what the cost would be (which is not like me) and I was braced for a potential shocker but it never came. I just love candor and honesty. If you are like me and have a healthy fear of being "taken" by someone (think dealerships and shysters), then use my experience for what it is worth to decide who to take your vehicle repair to when you are in the Jackson Hole area and having issues. Thank you and your Mechanics for helping us out Roy... Patrick, Holley Hanna & Cally...

  • Joe Ballard   Jul 23, 2019

    Visiting the parks and our van developed a serious oil leak. Dropped it off with Roy and he was able to diagnose and fix within 48 hours. Great turnaround, and a good price. We were able to enjoy our vacation and get back home on schedule. Awesome job guys.

  • Sheila Turner   Dec 26, 2019

    We were traveling in our van for 2 weeks and our “Check Engine” light came on and we were concerned. They diagnosed it and didn’t even make us pay for the service. Very friendly and helpful service that we appreciated! Thank you!

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