Rocky Mountain Yeti Jackson

665 W Elk Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Tim Smith   Oct 03, 2019

    Jesse and his crew are the best!!! And Yeti John makes sure that you are taken care of every time... thank-you Yeti Jeep

  • Jacob Schmillen   Aug 27, 2020

    They sure make it easy to buy a truck but getting them to service it is a major chore. I bought this truck from them thinking they have the capability to service it. Boy was I wrong. I’ve tried three times to get an appointment which required me to be on hold for over 10 minutes at a time..finally got to leave messages and still no return call. This is my first time leaving a review btw.

  • Yellowstone Gromer   Jul 20, 2020

    Jesse has continually done a great job keeping both of my Jeep's "trail ready" he is also a wealth of information on fun places to use my Jeep's. If you need service or just need to know the best trails in the area stop by and have a chat with the Jeep guys.

  • Jason Rasmussen   Oct 14, 2019

    My son & I worked with Alli & Tony to buy my son a 2009 Dodge Charger they had. Alli worked with us for a week making arrangements (we live 5 hours away). They were asking an amazing price and were great to work with! Alli was amazing on all of the arrangements and Tony was great to work with the day we arrived to actually drive it and pick it up. Thanks, you have an amazing team!

  • Katie Hackett   Sep 09, 2020

    Stay far away from this dealer. We went in to this Jeep dealer to purchase a 2018 Jeep Wrangler that we were told was a demo jeep with 8,200 that the owner drove. Then was told it was a service vehicle. The owners son Darren is who helped us. He was very friendly, helpful and answered all our questions. We refused to pay what they were asking and like all car dealers we negotiated back and forth and come to a price that was fair. Then the manager came out and everything went south. He attempted to show the sales person Darren how it's done. He tried to prove his point why they refused to go lower in price which was fair. Then he lied and said someone was coming to purchase the Jeep an hour from now for full price and including the COO planned to purchase it for his wife as well at full price. Keep in mind I have yet to see the jeep. I was told it was at the airport and had a cracked windshield and they could'nt get the jeep till the next day. I thought that was odd but if it was a loaner vehicle that would make sense. I also overheard a conversation about a deposit that was taken from another customer by the owners son and again thought that was odd but continued to talk business. They refused to budge on price so I said we needed to sleep on it and they again told me people were coming to buy it and to put down a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $1,000. That's when it all made sense. The jeep we wanted to buy was nowhere to be found. They refused to go get the jeep that was at the airport which was 20 minutes away. Then to ask for a deposit on a Jeep we haven't seen or test drive was not okay. I've purchased many cars and have been dealing with dealerships for over 2 months and have never been lied to or treated this way. The manager Ellie was trying to show the owners son how to sell and make money off me as a customer and all ethics and morals went out the door. I obviously left and thanked them for their time. I dont care if they gave me the Jeep for free I would never do business with people like this. Very disappointing.

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