Rocky Mountain Yeti Jackson

665 W Elk Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Madeline Collins   Sep 14, 2020

    Never ever buy from this dealership! I seriously regret ever working with them. I bought a used jeep everything seemed fine, then the very next day after the purchase while driving it the check engine light came on, traction control light came on and wouldn't go off, the sway bar light came on, and the cruise control wouldn't work. They tried to tell me it was "bad timing" and all this stuff broke after I had purchased it, but it just seems like they just cleared the lights before putting it on lot. They agreed to work on it though since it did happen the day after, they had it for TWO MONTHS. In this time they were extremely rude, wouldn't ever call back, the manager kept telling us how they shouldn't have to fix a catalytic converter (one of the problems why lights were coming on) because there is no emissions law in Wyoming but they are only doing it for us, they wouldn't do it for other customers. Even though they are a JEEP dealership, the manager told us the mechanics didn't know how to work on "my type of jeep", I bought a Rubicon. Not to mention how in front of us the manager told someone else at the office how he would sell a car knowing it was like this and if a customer wanted it fixed they would make them pay for it. They have absolutely no ethics or morals, super shady and know they are selling bad vehicles and apparently the manager doesn't care if the customers know it, let alone being a Jeep dealership and telling people they don't know how to work on them. Finally got it back after two months only for the cruise control to still not work right after I drove away, and then a few days later all of the lights to come back on.

  • Chen-Wei Shen   Nov 24, 2020

    We were touring through Grand Teton NP and Jackson on our way back to Seattle. Our Promaster camper van broke down due to rear bearing failure. Was able to arrange having the van towed to this dealer and had it inspected the following day. Floyd, the service adviser was very knowledgeable super helpful. He gave us his cell number and keep me updated when the parts would arrive. The dealer allowed us to stay in our camper while waiting for parts for the repair. Everyone in the dealership were so welcoming and friendly, making our car problem a lot less frustrating and feeling being care for. Thank you RMYJ for your superb customer service and professionalism!!

  • Greg Brooks   Oct 27, 2020

    I was on vacation in Jackson in August 2020 and had a problem with my Ram 4500 which left me stranded. Yeti took care of my problem quickly and professionally and got me back on the road and able to enjoy my vacation. Great service.

  • Katie Hackett   Sep 09, 2020

    Stay far away from this dealer. We went in to this Jeep dealer to purchase a 2018 Jeep Wrangler that we were told was a demo jeep with 8,200 that the owner drove. Then was told it was a service vehicle. The owners son Darren is who helped us. He was very friendly, helpful and answered all our questions. We refused to pay what they were asking and like all car dealers we negotiated back and forth and come to a price that was fair. Then the manager came out and everything went south. He attempted to show the sales person Darren how it's done. He tried to prove his point why they refused to go lower in price which was fair. Then he lied and said someone was coming to purchase the Jeep an hour from now for full price and including the COO planned to purchase it for his wife as well at full price. Keep in mind I have yet to see the jeep. I was told it was at the airport and had a cracked windshield and they could'nt get the jeep till the next day. I thought that was odd but if it was a loaner vehicle that would make sense. I also overheard a conversation about a deposit that was taken from another customer by the owners son and again thought that was odd but continued to talk business. They refused to budge on price so I said we needed to sleep on it and they again told me people were coming to buy it and to put down a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $1,000. That's when it all made sense. The jeep we wanted to buy was nowhere to be found. They refused to go get the jeep that was at the airport which was 20 minutes away. Then to ask for a deposit on a Jeep we haven't seen or test drive was not okay. I've purchased many cars and have been dealing with dealerships for over 2 months and have never been lied to or treated this way. The manager Ellie was trying to show the owners son how to sell and make money off me as a customer and all ethics and morals went out the door. I obviously left and thanked them for their time. I dont care if they gave me the Jeep for free I would never do business with people like this. Very disappointing.

  • Glenny Aragon   Sep 11, 2020

    I was on a road trip in Yellowstone when my car started failing. Engine light turned ON. We drove to Jackson hole to try and find a place to get it check. I went to a couple of places and they recommended we go to this dealer since they are A Jeep dealer. Jesse was friendly and I think he got good intentions. He said they were all booked but will try to take a look at the car. Coil 2 was failing and probably the spark which we knew from another place in Yellowstone. We left the car there on Thursday and came back on Friday around noon and at the time nothing was done. They started testing and almost around 5 came back and say they needed to do more testing as they did not know what was the problem. They don’t work on weekends so they said they will check on Monday. since we are from Utah we decided to leave the car and come back when the job was done. Monday I did not hear from them. They called me back on Tuesday and said they needed it to replace all coils and plugs and plus other things everything was going to be $1800 which I thought it was super expensive for something that took him 4 days to diagnose. I spoke to my mechanic and he said it should not be that expensive. I told them I wouldn’t do the job with them and I will come pick up the car. They charged me $255 plus taxes for diagnostic and insisted I shouldn’t drive the car. Even though I drove the car from Yellowstone to there, and the car was drivable. This is why I wouldn’t recommend this place: like I said my car was drivable when I took it there, when my mechanic went to pick it up. They have disconnected some cables and the car wouldn’t start. I paid for a diagnostic if The client doesn’t want to do the job you are supposed to LEAVE THE CAR AS IS. I don’t see other reason why they would do that other than to make it seem like the car was not drivable. Thank God my mechanic went to get it instead of me. Otherwise I would have been stuck paying an overpriced fix. My car got fixed for less than 1k and this included the amount they charge me to bring it to Salt Lake City. And by the way they were able to drive the car back so not true the car could not make it back.

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