Ringholz Studios

Ringholz Studios Jackson Wyoming 83002

Amy Ringholz, voted GOLD for best artist in 2020, opened Ringholz Studios in 2014 where she exclusively showcases her artwork and merchandise. Amy and her gallery are known for their welcoming attitude and vibe. Ringholz Studios hosts beautiful art shows and private events throughout the year. Her artwork perfectly compliments the enchantment of Jackson Hole. She creates artwork and merchandise to accommodate every pocketbook. Amy’s artwork can also be found in many local establishments including Trio Bistro and the Ascent Lounge at the Four Seasons Resort in Teton Village. We can’t wait to meet you at the gallery!

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  • Doug Day   Jun 25, 2023

    Ringholz Studios is by far the best gallery in Jackson Hole. There are always so many fun and interesting pieces to see. Check out the merchandise!

  • Love People   Jun 25, 2023

    This is one gallery in Jackson Hole you don’t want to miss ! Beautiful artwork and something special for every budget . P.S. the new childrens book makes a great take home gift for grand children, nieces & nephews !

  • Daniel Forseth   Jun 26, 2023

    LOVE this gallery and the art in it. After walking in and looking at the artwork you can immediately draw connections to all of the locations around town you will have seen her works. Ringholz is essentially the face of Jacksons art scene. If you enjoy art - This gallery is a MUST see :)

  • Barbara   Jun 25, 2023

    I attended the Amy Ringholz book signing last month at her gallery near the Town Square in Jackson Hole. What a great event space! The original paintings for the illustrations are extraordinary - bidding on two pieces during the auction. Hope I win at least one!!!

  • Chelsea Beets   Jun 25, 2023

    I love Amy’s work! Her gallery in Jackson Hole is my favorite by far. She also has a kids book that’s really great for all ages. Be sure to check it out the next time you are in Wyoming!

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