Rendezvous Park

4270 River Springs Dr, Wilson, WY 83014, USA

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  • Nicky Jurd   Jun 16, 2022

    A great little park in the middle of a moose habitat. We saw a mumma moose and it’s baby. Great sighting!

  • David Barnes   Jun 26, 2022

    Very new park, the sculptures are cool but the place needs a few years growth to feel more natural.

  • Serenity Minucci   Jul 26, 2022

    This is an amazing little find!! Be sure to bring water stuff because it's so inviting.

  • Jacqlynne Moore   Jul 11, 2022

    Great place. If you go early, before 1:00 pm there is plenty of parking and the weather is perfect for swimming.

  • Christo Johnson   Jul 12, 2022

    Great community resource. No dogs allowed but I've seen plenty. I'm a pooch pal so no skin off my nose but please pick up after Rex if he comes.

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