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The longest running Property Management Company in the Jackson Hole Area! We specialize in a wide variety of vacation rentals in Teton Village, The Aspens and Teton Pines, from budget to luxury.

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  • Allayne Stephans   Mar 28, 2021

    We stayed in teewinot A2 and the condo is perfectly laid out. The decorations are simple and very tasteful. It’s just a pleasant spot to be. We figured out how to basically ski in and ski out using the union lift. Overall a perfect fit for our family.

  • Chanelle Cosumano   Aug 21, 2022

    Intentionally misleading! Research, followed by questions to this company to ensure our best accommodations for our family was done 8 months prior to our booking. We have traveled and stayed in various homes in Jackson over the past 40 years, never have we had this experience. Of course we could not check in early due to their busy checkout day. We drove around all day with a baby in the car waiting. That's fine. I arrived at 4:04pm to their office, a bit of an inconvenience considering most rental homes have keyless entry and not the outdated unsafe key system. I stood there not to be greeted or welcome, instead "is it 4pm already?" Hesitating to give me my packet. When handed the packet, still no welcome, etc... I was then asked if I was familiar with Wyoming Air Conditioning. Confused, I said no. this was their way of breaking it to me that our $7,000 plus home had no AC in the 85 degree heat. I was expected to open windows every night, use fans, then close them every morning and pull all of the window treatments closed. Are you kidding!!! First no AC, then you want me to open all windows in this large home and close them. No ceiling fans in the secondary rooms and no breeze made the house warm at night and unbearable during the day!! When I called, after pressing the woman on the phone that this is not right, she did agree that they don't put it on the website because it would turn guests away. That they have had many meeting discussing if they should be transparent. Really!! By the amount of freestanding fans in the home, it is apparent I wasn't the only unhappy guest! Now I will say the home was beautiful! But cooking in the kitchen was miserable in the evenings. Waking up in the morning having to open windows was no fun. Many windows on the ground level where a bear or human could come into if they were open. So we were closed up. As we too have a property management company for vacation homes, the manager of RMR had the nerve to send me an email after going on to our site and telling me we also list ac as an amenity. Of course, when listing a property, you check off everything a home offers, ac is on that list. Instead of trying to smooth things over, he only continues to justify their intentional deception. Of my 35 years of booking homes all around the U.S. I never had to inquire or look to see if a home had AC, they all had AC. I believe firmly that RMR know that they should disclose that their homes do not have AC and not leave it up to the future guests to discover this upon arrival. Maybe by being totally honest and explaining how to keep the homes cool is the right thing to do, instead of tricking a guest into renting a home that will have a surprise dropped in their laps like we did. An added disappointment was that in the call and communication, I was never asked how could they make it right? Not once, I had to ask them if they were going to ask us what would make it right? It was very clear they didn't care. How very sad. Again, the home was lovely and would have been a place we would return to again, but no ac, no stay from us. Due the deception of RMR, we will not book with them again and we urge you to ask them if your home has ac, as they claim 90% of their homes do not. Although their competition seems to have 90% of their homes with AC.

  • Beverly Sims   Jun 16, 2022

    I’m extremely disappointed in the greediness/lack of professional consideration with this business and the owner of the accommodation we rented. We decided a few short days ago to take our family to Yellowstone for vacation leaving Alabama on June 28th. We made reservations and within a few short days (I believe 5 days after) Yellowstone suffered a natural disaster with historic flooding. Our vacation plans consisted of the entire park… with accommodations for each area before we were to arrive in Jackson Hole for the final leg of our trip/ending in the southern region of Yellowstone. With the north flooded, it was like a domino effect on our entire vacation. We had no choice but to make the hard decision to cancel our trip only 8 days after booking. Every hotel, activity and event reservation was cancelled with no problems. Everyone was so nice with the EXCEPTION of Rendezvous Mountain Rentals. They refused to give a refund NOR would they change our reservation so that we come come in the Spring to snow-ski. They have now retained $2200 of our vacation funds. I will NEVER book with this company again. When a natural disaster occurs, you expect businesses to do the right thing and treat people with kind consideration but unfortunately, this company does not.

  • Rachel Maas   Feb 25, 2021

    We would absolutely stay here again. The property management company was very responsive and informative as well as friendly to work with. The Ringer house was perfect for our group of 10 and really clean! They had quite a bit of items for the kitchen and the beds were pretty comfortable. It was a great location as well for ski in/ski out of the village.

  • Jessica Smartt   May 22, 2023

    ***ETA - the owner reached out to me to refund our cleaning fee and offered a small discount towards rebooking on a different date. I appreciated the time that was spent in her email and the gesture towards our family. Last fall, we decided to plan a vacation our kids would never forget. We set aside some money and began to research. We landed on Wyoming -- our kids had never been to the "real west" and were the perfect ages for this adventure (14, 12, and 8). I was thrilled to find Rendezvous Rentals, since my son has food allergies, and the little kitchen seemed a perfect place to land after our adventures. Three days before our trip, my husband was in an accident. He broke his shoulder, ripped his tendons, and was scheduled for surgery the exact week of our booked vacation. Obviously, we were devastated and quite overwhelmed. I reached out to Rendezvous a total of five times over the next few days, asking politely if we could move our vacation to a different week -- offering a week that was clearly open on the schedule at the exact same rental we booked -- and was denied. I asked to speak to the owner -- and was denied. I offered to pay partial costs of this booked week if we could move it -- and was denied. I offered to send a verification from our surgeon or pictures of the X-rays. None of this mattered at all. I am aware of the cancellation policy, and it is clearly stated. I understand that this is the policy. We hoped and prayed that there might be some grace for a family such as ours. I certainly understand that it is difficult to run a small business. I do not want to hurt the owners financially, but I feel there were many, many things that *could* have been done to serve the customer better. Instead, they are pocketing our cleaning fee, our "security deposit" and the service fee -- despite the fact that the unit will not need to be cleaned, serviced, and nothing will be touched while the unit sits empty for an entire week. I want other potential renters to learn about our experience so that they can be aware. I am sure these properties are gorgeous; they seem to be well-run. But sadly, this is a company that evidently prioritizes the monetary bottom line over delivering a memorable experience to a polite and willing customer in a tough spot. We will have to save up for our trip out west when my husband heals. I know we will eventually get to go. But... it will not be booked through Rendezvous unless this situation is resolved. :(

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