Ranch Inn/Garaman, Inc.

45 E Pearl Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Jason Nozicka   Sep 26, 2022

    Great location , ok room and terrible customer service. Had to leave a few days early because of a category 4 hurricane coming directly for our home. The Managers came to desk with looking like a circus clown with purple and yellow make up on(very unprofessional in my opinion) when i asked her about not charging for days i would not be there or a credit for another time she first told me she was not sure if they would be in business in a couple months . I can get past the older room and even the clogged shower that didnt drain but i cant get past the way i was treated by the cartoon character manager during a natural disaster.

  • Jason Dennes   Sep 03, 2022

    Went to have a shower and water tap broken. Fixed an hour later at 10pm. Blinds fell down when going through to balcony door. Took me about half hour to get them back up. Told duty manager they wouldn't close but nothing done about it. Was like trying to sleep in the daylight. Went to reception next morning to check out and seek partial refund but no one there. This was at 8.30 and it supposed to open at 7am. There was a lot of annoyed people standing around waiting and also ringing the after hours number with no success. I left a detailed note with contact details in the check out box but never received a response. I think the owner just doesn't care despite his lip service responses he posts to people's complaints

  • Andrea Horvath   Nov 02, 2022

    The Hotel is in the perfect spot. The room is great and clean the receptionist gave us very good information to the Teton National Park thank you so much. We enjoyed our stay . By the way you have the best coffee!! Make sure you grab an extra cup before you leave.

  • Andy Adventuring   Mar 01, 2023

    Location is great. Right downtown. A little grocery market next door, if you're only needing a few essentials. It is across the street from the fire dept., so you are risking a mid-night wake up. Rooms are alright. Internet is alright. Off-street parking. No complaints so far.

  • Sherri Hart   Sep 19, 2022

    NO hot water. We had to take cold showers!! They said the plumbing was old and needs updated. Then we were told that if we waited a couple hours we might have some warm water. We asked to be compensated on the room since it was $500 for the one night. We received none. Check out hotels that actually have hot water.

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