Rabbit Row Repair

Rabbit Row Repair, Leeper Lane, Wilson, WY, USA

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  • Peter Connors   Feb 26, 2021

    We were in Jackson for a few weeks and needed an oil change. I looked around for a shop and picked the one with the most positive reviews I could find. Even though Rabbit Row was the farthest option from our house, it was well worth the trip. They got me in the same day I called and turned the vehicle around very quickly. I had barely run home before it was ready. Key-drop off was through the early-bird slot and payment was handled over the phone. Couldn't have asked for better service, both with regard to employee/customer-health safety as well as the timeliness of the work. On top of that, the communication from Sam was excellent.

  • John Crumley   Jun 06, 2018

    Our wheel decided to leap off our car when heading down the pass into Jackson this past week. With luck we found Rabbit Row Repair. They got us back on the road in no time and even let us borrow their loaner car so we didn’t miss out on seeing the beautiful area. Above and beyond service for our car (Mercedes GLA). I would highly recommend this team!

  • David Rebol   Sep 13, 2022

    Family was in Jackson for the weekend, scheduled to leave the next morning when the oil pressure light came on in our VW after biz hours. Warning, manual, and VW forums all say to shut engine off immediately and do not drive. Had it towed to Rabbit Row, not looking forward to an expensive and extended engine repair this far out of town. Despite being short handed, they were able to fit me in the next day and found it was a simple issue. We had it back in short time. Saved money, but even more importantly, time and peace of mind. Highly recommend Rabbit Row Repair.

  • Sam Rowekamp   Aug 11, 2022

    Easily the best auto repair shop I've ever brought a car to. Granted, I've only had car problems bad enough to warrant taking it for repairs a handful of times so far in my (relatively short) time as a vehicle owner, but every time I had to look carefully at exactly what I was being charged and paying for. Not so with Rabbit Row. Not only did they diagnose the problem quickly, but they put part of what I'd paid for the diagnostic towards the repair (spark plug replacement) as they had already pulled the plugs out for inspection. All of this was done in the course of half a day or so on the day I brought it in. Trustworthy, super friendly, and efficient!

  • Malissa Shriver   Dec 08, 2022

    I love Rabbit Row, they do my annual services, change tires for winter, change oil, as well as replace my smart key batteries, and have even helped me get into my car when my dog locked me out! They are super nice, professional, do high quality work and they treat me like family. Highly recommend them for all services. I have taken my Porsche Cayenne as well as a Range Rover, they do it all. So wonderful and trustworthy.

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