PMS Rentals LLC

1653 E 500 Rd N, St Anthony, ID 83445, USA

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  • Adam Olson   May 30, 2021

    I thought I had written a review about this place in 2018 when we rented from them. We had a lot of fun on the side-by-side we rented from here. It was the first time we had done anything like this as a family. The person that brought us our side-by-side and picked it up was very kind and friendly to us. He told us there was a new belt on the machine and how where the replacement belt was. We were super excited for this special family vacation and had a blast. The new belt broke on us about an hour and a half in, and we were out for an hour. Thankfully my son and I had a couple kind people come help us. The tool that PMS had did not work all very well so it was quite a struggle to get replaced. PMS was kind and gave us an extra hour due to the broken belt. They said we will only charge you for the belt at our cost of $120 which we were already upset about. The people that helped us thought that was dishonest since we were renting and those kind of things were on them. We didn’t roll the machine and how would we control a broken belt? Then they charged us around $190 for the belt and also charged us about $200 over what the rental was. We sent multiple emails and texts and received no itemized breakdown or explanation of what the charges were for. We sent the price we were quoted and suppose to be charged that was from their text. We never rolled the machine or caused any damages and did not receive an explanation of the charges. I am thankful our experience was no where near what others have complained about in charges. I am sure it is hard to make a living and that machines get beat up. I am not in this business and don’t know what they go through. There has to be a way to make a dollar by covering wear and tare honestly. Raising your prices a bit and covering what costs you have that way. I want them to succeed! I don’t think the owner realizes what stress he causes his customers with unexplained charges and charges like broken belt. We would have been so much happier and understanding if we were explained what breaks a belt and how often that happens and what we would be charged up front. If I missed this in the papers we signed then that is mostly on me. I am still at a loss for the extra $200 or so that we were charged. We have friends coming into town that wanted to rent multiple quads but sadly we had to steer them clear of this company. I am grateful other’s have posted their good and bad reviews so we know they are still practicing poor business tactics with their unexplained/unfair charges. I am glad there are several people that have had good experiences with them. I wish PMS/St. Anthony Sand Dunes Rental/Adventure Rentals well if they can put themselves in the shoes of their renters and just raise their prices if that is what is needed to stay in business. Thanks for extending the rental time due to the broken belt. Thanks for being pleasant in person to work with.

  • Baleigh McMillan   Jun 26, 2022

    Con artists. I wish I would’ve read the reviews. I have a pre auth charge on my card for $515.83. This business is claiming the charge did not go through even after sending multiple screenshots showing that it did. The owner is threatening to charge me a late fee for his mistake even though I brought the rental back 2 hours early. If you attempt to charge me again I am going to dispute the charge with my bank, cancel that card, file a complaint with the BBB, and you will be hearing from my lawyer. I have time stamped photos of the rental as well.

  • JT Little   May 23, 2021

    Had an awesome time with the wife and brother in law. We rented a 2 seater but it was broke so we got upgraded, for no additional cost, to an almost new 4 seater. Easy to work with and very friendly. I would recommend and use again.

  • Jason Knapp   Aug 09, 2022

    On 8/4/22 I reserved online 2 turbo 4-seater machines for the following morning, having to pay for it up front. There is no info on the website about cancellation or refunds before you pay. When we got there we were given one turbo and a lesser machine. After 10 minutes we came back and I asked the attendant if we could change our reservation to one machine for 4 hours. He said that was ok so we left one and took the turbo. When we came back after 4 hours the kid told me he had not heard from his boss but I left my contact info to be contacted later that day about the refund and/or to use the rest of what I already paid for. I then sent an email to let him know the situation and find out about the refund status. I left another email the next day along with a voicemail since nobody answers the phone. I have still heard nothing almost a week later. If the attendant had told me that I could not adjust my reservation or that they dont do refunds I would have taken both machines for the 8 hours I paid for. In short, I paid $1800 for a 4 hour rental and the business will not respond to my repeated attempts at contact. I wish I could give a good review because otherwise the dunes were fun and the machines were fine but the lack of customer service and bad business practice left a very bad taste that I want other potential customers to be aware of before giving them money. Before leaving this review I looked at other reviews and found that many others have had similar problems with being overcharged or under-serviced but Google only shows the 5 star reviews show unless you look deeper.

  • Troy Helming (SolarNinjaTroy)   Jul 05, 2021

    Our whole family had a blast, my 13-year-old son, my wife and I, and my father-in-law who is in his late '70s. Beautiful scenery, exhilarating driving opportunities, with easy, moderate, and scary difficult trail options. The second half of our 4-hour rental, my teenage son and I did this carry options while my wife and father-in-law waited back at the base, lol! It's hard to appreciate how massive these dunes are until you're right there in them. Stunning views with a beautiful lake Oasis right in the middle. Who knew Idaho had a desert biome?!

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