1110 Maple Way b, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Gabriel Rossi   Aug 21, 2021

    I’ve been to jail… and I know the difference between soufflé and jail eggs. One is fluffy and delicious the other is a bunch of eggs blended and baked for mass production. (A bit of sarcasm there, but honestly not very yummy) Overall the experience was a bit underwhelming. Not bad but it was a pretty lackluster experience. I might give it another try. Maybe it was just a fluke. On the positive: Nice environment, good coffee, yummy jam for my quality toast. The pastries looked high quality as well. Additional feedback: the girl at the counter kind of gave us a whole speech on how the line worked and how we would have been cutting people (paraphrasing here) if there was a line… but there wasn’t… so idk maybe just put up a sign and spare me the lecture. (She was polite about it but it was just a bad way to start off the experience and I didn’t feel it necessary)

  • Olivia (Oli) Simms   Aug 02, 2021

    I came here on a monday to get breakfast with my family, and it wasn’t too busy, but there was still a line. I orders around 5 items off the menu, and the cashier said it would be around 30 minutes. We ended up waiting 1 hour until we went up to the counter and asked about our food, and about 20 minutes later the food came out. I don’t recommend this place if you want to get some food quickly with friends or family, but it’s great for a quick grab and go bite.

  • Jill Vosberg   Aug 08, 2021

    We really enjoyed the breakfast sandwiches and the Huckleberry croissant/pastries! Staff was helpful and friendly and the seating space had a variety of options and was clean. We'd come back if traveling through again!

  • New Wave Options   Sep 09, 2021

    Was ok not bad, burrito was pretty good but the eggs are weird like poured out of a carton and baked maybe. My biggest complaint is the $6 side of bacon pictured below. I’m no stranger to high prices in resort towns but seriously barely 2 slices, undercooked and super fatty.

  • Jeff Sullivan   Aug 01, 2021

    Great little place for breakfast or for just bakery items. Loved the atmosphere. Had the basic breakfast; the eggs and bacon were very tasty. Just the right portion. Might be considered on the pricy side but still not bad. Also had a cinnamon muffin and it was very good. Had a steady stream of folks coming in so I think it has a good quality recommendation.

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