Pearl Street Bagels

145 W Pearl Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Montana Explorer   Oct 04, 2018

    Very nice spot to get breakfast. Super busy in the morning both days and times we went. Bagels were still warm when we got them. They were delicious and the smoothie was also very refreshing. Second day we were able to get a seat and it was pretty cool to sit out and watch people go by. They also promote local artists by hanging out pieces in their store for sale.

  • Jeana Thompson   Aug 02, 2020

    Delicious bagels that taste very fresh. Great options. Order at the counter or place order ahead and pickup (recommended for faster service). Bagels don’t get much better than this.

  • Grace Patnode   Sep 03, 2020

    Not bad! A little expensive but delicious food! Great coffee too

  • Justin Sebastian   Jul 17, 2019

    New Yorker approved. Good bagel, little bit on the small side, but fresh, chewy and great crust. Unfortunately they do not toast bagels “because they are made fresh” - this is unfortunate. The place is busy and a little hectic during morning hours. Line out the door, but it moves. Also, need vegan spread options on the menu. Nice selection of bagel flavors.

  • Keith W   Sep 02, 2020

    We were told to try this place for the food. Yeah don't try it for the coffee. The bagels are pre-made off-site or at least that's what we were told just being honest I've had better bagels from gas stations. The bagel was incredibly hard The cheese had already turned different colors like a really really dark orange and was stuck to the wrapping. I ordered and paid for four bagels and two coffees one being a cappuccino and one being a mocha. We didn't get the cappuccino we got an espresso instead which. My wife didn't want to wait in line again to get the cappuccino so she drank the espresso. We were missing a bacon egg and cheese bagel and didn't realize it until we got a mile or so down the road. I will say the line was really long so it must be popular and I will say the mocha was good and I would have gone back and gotten coffee there again but I will never ever eat there again. It was quite possibly the worst bagel I've ever eaten. This is just my opinion and I understand some people like it it's just not for my wife and I.

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