Peaks Restaurant at Signal Mountain Lodge, The

Peaks Restaurant at Signal Mtn Lodge, Grand Teton National Park, 1 Inner Park Rd, Moran, WY 83013, USA

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  • FatTail BlackSwan   Jul 31, 2019

    Overpriced (to be fair, it's like everything around Yellowstone in summer), meh quality. Tried bison stew, do not recommend. If you want to try bison, get a bison burger for 1/3 price and better taste. Sirloin steak portion is french -- this is big county damnit! The only reason I gave 3 stars is that service was friendly.

  • Kay Lee   Oct 02, 2016

    Inconsistent cooking. The fish and chips at this place is gross! The fries were stale and cold while one of the pieces of cod wasn't properly cooked as the batter was still in it's liquid form. Their breakfast is okay. I got The Prospector and the hot cakes were surprisingly good. Their poached eggs were poorly made (yolk was visible upon serving), but tasted fresh enough. I got a side of the sweet potato hash and it wasn't a hash, more like cubed up sweet potatoes that are slightly undercooked with diced up bell peppers and onions. I wouldn't suggest coming here for lunch or dinner unless you're starving.

  • Bill Reichman   Jul 12, 2019

    Good food, great service, and a spectacular view of Mt. Moran. We had the buffalo stew (great), and the buffalo sliders (good). The highlight of our visit was one of our kids ordered chocolate milk and asked for whipped cream. They brought out a cup that looked like a sunday, complete with a cherry on top. It set a wonderful tone for the rest of the meal. Note: Peaks restaurant and trappers grill share a reception area, and you need to specify which one you want when you arrive.

  • John Pachner   Oct 02, 2017

    This is for the signal mountain restaurant. Freaking terrible food. I got one of the hamburgers and I’m pretty sure they microwaved it. My wife got the ribs and they were so dry that I could have wiped my tears with it. The hot chocolate was gross but it was the best thing there. The server Zach was really cool but that doesn’t make up for the fact that all that cost $45. Someone needs to build a Taco Bell up there so I can get reliable gourmet food. And it was cold outside. And we slept horribly in our car because our baby was crying every hour and we only saw one moose. I blame everything on that restaurant. The owners owe me their first born.

  • Jo   Aug 20, 2017

    We enjoyed a delicious meal here while visiting the Tetons! I loved the trout and my husband had a delectable steak. Both were absolutely delicious, including the sides. Don't forget to order the speciality margarita! Wonderful! Delightful wait staff and the view of the lake was nice. Best meal we had during our vacation in Jackson, Wyoming.

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