Peak Physical Therapy/Kilter Physical Therapy

3580 South Park Drive, Jackson, WY, USA

Peak Physical Therapy and Kilter Physical Therapy are physical therapist owned and operated outpatient physical therapy clinics. Each physical therapy session at Peak Physical Therapy and Kilter Physical Therapy is 1-on-1 with a licensed physical therapist. Every treatment session will be 1 hour, ensuring time for personal evaluation, manual treatment, appropriate exercise prescription for your individual needs, as well as use of modalities.

Whether you want to take a proactive approach to your health and fitness through personalized sports-specific programs, running analyses, orthopedic baseline testing with dual forceplates, or bioimpedance analysis, Kilter’s physical therapists, and specialized staff will build a personalized plan specific to your needs.

At Peak Physical Therapy and Kilter Physical Therapy, it is our mission to assist you in reaching your peak performance level. We are human movement specialists and can aid in achievement of your goals on a personal, occupational or recreational level.

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