PAWS of Jackson Hole

PAWS of Jackson Hole Jackson Wyoming 83002

PAWS of Jackson Hole serves as a resource for animal welfare services for the surrounding area. Jackson Hole is a place that adores its pets, particularly dogs and cats. In a town where everyone has a four-legged friend and the outdoor opportunities are incredible, but where living space is at a premium, pet ownership can prove challenging in numerous ways. “PAWS provides tools and programs to pet families to make sure pets lead long, happy, healthy lives,” says Program Director Jess Farr. PAWS of Jackson Hole has nine community programs that aim to help protect pets, encourage responsible ownership, prevent pet homelessness, and ensure all the non-human residents of the valley are properly cared for.


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  • Skyler Cook   Oct 12, 2021

    I can not state just how incredibly helpful the staff here is. Absolutely wonderful people, they better be paying you well!

  • Spinning Wheels Photography   Nov 30, 2021

    The staff was friendly and this establishment is pet friendly when on a leash. The cashier loved my big white fluffy puppy, Spirit, a Great Pyrenees.

  • Eden Borbor   Oct 26, 2021

    They have lots of different dog food and toys, I was mainly looking to see if they have fromm products and see if they have loyalty program and they do . My cashier was very helpful and nice.They also have a wash area but appointment goes very fast. They do have no mask no service so bring you're mask!

  • Sandy Burbank   Jul 19, 2021

    I just used the dog washing station for the 1st time ever. It was real simple to use. Great height for my little dog. They charge by poundage, so was very reasonable. Now she is clean and smells good.

  • Frosty Playz   Nov 20, 2021

    Love this Place! I’m from Minnesota and this is by far the best pet shop I have ever been to!! The dogs that are there to greet you are the best! Great service and awesome workers!!

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