PAWS of Jackson Hole

PAWS of Jackson Hole Jackson Wyoming 83002

PAWS of Jackson Hole serves as a resource for animal welfare services for the surrounding area. Jackson Hole is a place that adores its pets, particularly dogs and cats. In a town where everyone has a four-legged friend and the outdoor opportunities are incredible, but where living space is at a premium, pet ownership can prove challenging in numerous ways. “PAWS provides tools and programs to pet families to make sure pets lead long, happy, healthy lives,” says Program Director Jess Farr. PAWS of Jackson Hole has nine community programs that aim to help protect pets, encourage responsible ownership, prevent pet homelessness, and ensure all the non-human residents of the valley are properly cared for.


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  • Sydney Smith   Jul 13, 2016

    Best animals ever

  • T̷h̷a̷o̷ D̷i̷n̷h̷   Nov 02, 2020

    i love the cat luna i want a cat so much

  • Dionis Risto   Aug 22, 2017

    Great people!! They make sure every dog that is adopted is ready!!

  • kayla maron   Feb 20, 2023

    Thank you for taking care of my Aya bear 💜

  • Victor Garcia   Jun 06, 2022

    I think working at a shelter is a really hard job. You have to go over applications and decide who is and isn't the best option for another living creature. I have been on the receiving end of a denial of an application before. Not here, but at a different shelter. While I was disappointed, I was also grateful that there were people who cared enough to be able to make those decisions. Working at a vet office I've seen the passion Sylvie and Lisa have for their babies at the shelter.

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