Parkway Inn

125 N Jackson St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Melissa Morgan   Sep 23, 2023

    We had a reservation for one night at the Parkway, traveled to Yellowstone and then on return another one night stay at the Parkway planned. During our Yellowstone visit I broke my leg hiking. I notified the Parkway as soon as our trajectory had changed. I spoke with the manager and she told me it was not within the 7 day cancellation window and that I should have had trip insurance. I explained it was a medical emergency and I certainly had not planned it 7 days ago. When this happened we were crushed and so many people showed kindness canceling our reservations and helping us navigate. The Lodge at Yellowstone, the airlines, a local float trip company, dinner reservations all who had similar cancellation requirements - everyone but the Parkway. We were charged for the night we did not stay which I am sure they had no trouble renting on a Friday evening in Jackson Hole. My advice, do not stay here or be sure and pay the extra trip insurance and at that rate stay some place nicer. It's not that great, rooms are old and although family owned they are not caring, good people.

  • Emma S   Sep 03, 2023

    Our first room didn't have a working shower. But as soon as we told the staff, they managed to upgrade us to a suite that same evening. The service was pleasant and nice. The only thing was that the carpet felt a little sticky, so maybe that had to be cleaned. But in general, it was a very nice stay.

  • J.P. Mcintyre   Feb 03, 2024

    Nice little hotel, great for a ski trip. I could put my ski boots on in the room and walk across the street to catch the Jackson express bus to Teton Village. Great location.

  • Matthew Williams   Jan 19, 2024

    The staff was great, and the room was fantastic. You will have yo pay for any snacks from the lobby, however, and the lobby itself is not open 24 hours. So if you choose this place be sure to arrive during office hours. Otherwise you may have some problems. The rooms had two entrances, though, one from the inside hallway, which can be accessed via the lobby and side doors. The other leads directly outside to the parking lot. So any after hour excursions will not prevent you from getting back into your room.

  • Mackel Phip   Feb 18, 2024

    I'd like to first point out that my wife has stayed here multiple times over the years and highly recommended it. My experience for a first time stay was different. Granted there are things that the hotel has control over and can fix, but reviews are all based on our personal experience right? Checking in - The staff was great. We arrived a little early and left our bags with them. Once the room was ready they delivered our bags and called to let us know the room was ready. Night 1: Either a cab or maybe they drove, but a couple that were staying in the room next to us were wasted drunk. She kept yelling out A-hole very loud and I easily heard that he got so drunk he passed out at the bar, but she was yelling at him to get out of the car. Then he fell down getting into the room. She proceeded to yell at him in the room until about 1am. Couldn't hear him, but she was pretty vocal about the situation. Then about 5am, she was throwing up in the bathroom for at least 30 min. Night 2: The neighbor on the other side turned on his television and cranked the volume. It was vibrating our room, the people on the other side knocked on both the interior door and exterior door with no response, so they called the police. I talked with the officer at around 2:45am and they were in contact with the night manager. Then the TV was silent so I guess they either helped him turn it off or he did it on his own. Night 3: Found a bug on our sheet. We thought bedbugs were smaller than this so we killed it and somewhat dismissed it that night. In the morning we were waiting for our cab to the airport and saw pest control show up and entered the building. I was considering not posting this review, but after my wife was bit four times, and I reached out via their website to get a managers email with no response, here we are. Let's talk Pros: Walking distance to the shops etc a few blocks up was convenient, across the street from the bus stop area for the airport and the express to the mtn is great. The rooms are nice and it was clean, the staff was nice. Great value, but I guess you get what you pay for.

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