Orsetto Italian Bar and Eatery

Orsetto Italian Bar and Eatery, Center Street, Jackson, WY, USA

Italian American classics served in a contemporary setting on the town square.

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  • Kim Myers   Sep 01, 2022

    The service was less than par because we had asked the waiter some questions and it seemed to be a bother to him. However the food was delicious!! We were a party of six and we were all very impressed with our food selections.

  • Savannah Tuttle   Sep 04, 2022

    We came here with a group of 12 ladies. We wanted to celebrate and treat ourselves to a nice dinner after a week of rough travel together. This is NOT fine dining, but you will be paying that price point. Our server was rude and acted as if we were an inconvenience. After we ordered 5 appetizers and three bottles of wine, I overheard him talking in extremely bad taste about our table at the server station. I was sitting less than two feet from the terminal. I asked the manager if we could have a new server. We received a woman who was okay. She did not set us up with new silver ware or steak knives, and we had to ask for them after the food came. We asked if she could split the alcohol into separate checks. We had only seven items to split on the alcohol bill. She responded by saying she didn't take our drink order and couldn't do that. She made it sound like she was doing us a favor by taking over our table. We were auto grated on close to $1000 and never were offered desert or coffee. I then overheard her complain to her co worker that we had even asked to split the bill. The food was good, but the hospitality was terrible. The manager did not make any effort to appease our table. I have worked in food and beverage for 17 years, in NYC and on Maui, including *actual* fine dining restaurants. This was one of the worst experiences in hospitality I have ever had, especially since we spent A LOT of money.

  • Megan Niger   Jul 24, 2022

    Food was okay, service was very off. Right from the start walking in, we were asked if we had a reservation when half the building was open and available. We were sat off in a corner instead of outside or in the other room with people. It was as if they knew we weren’t from there and wanted to separate us. Pasta was expensive for small portions and nothing amazing. Could get just as good for half price from Olive Garden. Honestly wouldn’t really recommend!

  • Kacie O'Maley   Jan 01, 2023

    Enjoyed a wonderful meal. My husband had the trout and I had the spaghetti and meatballs. Cocktails were great. The staff and service was wonderful, prompt and friendly. Every person I encountered smiled and acknowledged me. Some previous reviews mentioned sub par service from the waitstaff. We did not experience this. We will be back again!

  • Alexandra Golden   Feb 04, 2022

    One of the top restaurants in Jackson. Service, atmosphere and food was impeccable. I would highly recommend the ragu or veal marsala. Our appetizers were delicious but made for a very full meal. Our waitress was excellent in assisting with the wine recommendations. I would definitely suggest going here if you're visiting Jackson!

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