Orsetto Italian Bar and Eatery

Orsetto Italian Bar and Eatery, Center Street, Jackson, WY, USA

Italian American classics served in a contemporary setting on the town square.

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  • Dave Dunlap   Dec 26, 2019

    Dissapointing. Food was cold. Tables crammed in. Service was good.

  • Dominic DiNollo   Sep 21, 2019

    Buffalo short ribs started great but the second rib without a bone was so so. Chicken parmigiana was very good as was the Jenny lager. Pear and arugula salad was great. Very loud tonight.

  • Paul Jacobs   Dec 24, 2019

    We arrived for a 7:30 reservation. We were not seated till 8. That would have been ok but another group came in after we did, I think for a 7:30 reservation and were not seated either. However, the manager (?) offered them complimentary appetizers yet no one even apologized to us for having to wait. The flavors of the food were great but the veal was so tuff it was not edible. The waitress, who was excellent said we would not be charged for it. When the bill came, the veal was removed from the bill but a $22 glass of wine was on the bill but never served. When pointed out she graciously removed that charge and the charge for the other wine ordered (and served). I guess what I am saying is that for a restaurant of this caliber these things should not have occurred. If it wasn’t for the professionalism of the waitress it would have been quite a disaster. Not sure when I will be back in Jackson but, for sure, never back to Orsetto.

  • Christopher Ignace   Nov 07, 2019

    Good food, the bar area appeared especially nice when viewed from the dinner table. Be aware that the mid season 2 for 1 in town includes an 18% calculated tip and the $2 donation (the client pays it) on your bill. Recommended.

  • Lindo Jia   Nov 22, 2019

    Great interior, such a wonderful cozy place. The spaghetti sauce and meatballs were fantastic but the noodles weren’t fully cooked. Was on a business trip with potential partners, so didn’t bother to have an exchange. Wife said the eggplant she ordered was pretty bad. Maybe we just didn’t order the right things.

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