Nora’s Fish Creek Inn

5600 WY-22, Wilson, WY 83014, USA

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  • Jacob Rich   Sep 22, 2023

    We came once for breakfast at lunch which hit the spot, we came in the second time before leaving for home bright and early 630am they clearly weren't expecting a 630 customer walk in on a Wednesday but when we got service it was more than nice and more than accommodating. Our go away breakfast in the morning really sent this review to the top, the banana bread French toast on the road was fantastic! It will officially be a staple meal if we come back!

  • Lindsey Wilson   May 10, 2023

    We really enjoyed the coffee, decaf americanos we’re had by two of us since we had already had our first batch of coffee earlier in the day. I had the MSM omelette, which was super delicious- had a good amount of toppings and was a good size. The hashbrowns could have been slightly more crispy, but had good flavor. Another negative was my friend found hair in her trout. However, her meal was comped and our waiter was so very attentive and helpful throughout the whole meal. For that aspect Nora’s gets an A+. I also tried a half order of the banana bread French toast which I think expected it to be amazinggg and it was just pretty good as an addition to my savory omelette. Definitely a good spot to stay local with awesome service.

  • aftertec advanced imaging   Jun 07, 2023

    Nora's Fish Creek Inn in Wilson, Wyoming offers delightful breakfast dishes like Corned Beef Hash & Poached Eggs and heavenly Biscuits and Gravy. Outstanding food, cozy ambiance, and exceptional service make it a must-visit breakfast spot.

  • M Stites   Sep 16, 2023

    Worst meal I've ever had in Jackson. I live here and recently tried Nora's for the first time. The owner was very welcoming. The server was very nice. It was his second day. But the food was horrendous. I ordered a Reuben Sandwich with Fries. When my food first came out, there was not even half a serving of fries. They were tiny and mostly burnt. I asked the server to bring me a plate of fries with the amount it should be. He kindly did. Unfortunately, the fries were way over seasoned and way too salty. The Rueben was so salty that I couldn't eat it. How can you screw up fries and a Rueben that bad? I didn't eat but a few bites of my lunch. And it was only because I was hungry. The server only explained it was his second day. He didn't offer to bring something else or discount my meal. I will never go back. I was very hopeful that it would become a restaurant that we would frequently eat at with my family. This is probably the first bad food review I've ever written for a restaurant in Jackson. If things were made right, we might have returned to try a dinner service. *The photo is the amount of fries I was given before I ate anything.

  • Patty S   May 29, 2023

    Whoa!!! Amazing food for reasonable prices. Ordered the Chorizo plate, it was fantastic!!! Highly recommend. Friends ordered the breakfast burrito and sandwich, both got very good reviews! Waitress was friendly and funny! She had some good jokes and mad us laugh, great time! Great local spot!

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