Noodle Kitchen

945 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Carlo Acacio   Oct 29, 2022

    Worst, bland and overpriced meal I’ve ever had. Where people who are scared of ethnic food go when they’re feeling ‘adventurous’ and don’t like flavor. Eaten here 1-2 times over the many years and was neutral, but was shocked at how down hill it has gone. All our favorite restaurants like Baap and Thai Plate were closed for the off season and since our kids love Asian food we thought we’d give it try…boy were we sorry we did. Only reason for the second star was that our server was very kind, as was the bartender. Nothing wrong with service but absolutely terrible food, have had better hospital or airplane food. Sushi was joke and the price was astounding for the heap of soggy rice loosely rolled 2inches think around a tiny piece of fish. The rolls immediately fell apart into a sad heap like a toddler was given a sushi making kit for their birthday. Some of the sushi rolls we had ordered were $24+ and inedible mounds of mush. Miso ramen was about as flavorful as drinking the water after you wash rice. Unseasoned unsalted vegetable broth, over cooked and stuck together ‘noodles’, uncooked and unseasoned tofu, garnished with green onions. No hot sauce or seasoning options on the table to help. Ended up adding half a bottle of soy sauce to have some warm salty broth to drink. Kids menu noodle bowls that said they came with miso broth came out with dry noodles and questionable meat. Also got charged $16 ea. when menu said $10 (did not add anything extra). Server said he messed up and apologized profusely and corrected, but we already had serious sticker shock when we got our bill. Only reasonable item in our entire meal was the edamame (really hard to screw up steaming a vegetable) and potstickers which were so far from authentic, but also hard to screw up frozen filo-dough type potstickers doused in sweet sauce. We also showed up at 30min after they opened and were the first booth seated and the seats were sticky and windows covered in greasy hand prints and splattered food, yuck. I know staffing is hard in this town and off-season even more difficult but this place felt like a floundering establishment charging exuberant prices just to stay open. Joe Rice should cut this one as a loss and continue focusing on his more successful All-American restaurant upstairs.

  • Henry Kessler   Dec 18, 2022

    Food was good. Service was good. But was told at the end when the check showed up that they could not split the bill per party. They only can give one bill and swipe one card or split the bill evenly with multiple cards. So if you come with friends. Be prepared to have one bill. Crazy why they can not have multiple bills for a party larger than 6.

  • Whitney Smith   Feb 28, 2023

    Yum, yum, yum! One of the best meals we had in Jackson! The sushi was very fresh and delicious, and our noodle dishes were also fantastic. Don’t miss out on the green bean appetizer! Service was excellent as well. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Gabriella Alanis   Jul 29, 2022

    Just passing through & was excited to have Ramen. I have tried so many in various places all over the U.S. I ordered the Pork Ramen & it was BAD! THE WORST RAMEN I've had in my life. I literally just had one spoonful and could not eat it. It was literally 8 ounces of OIL and the pork was all fat (see picture) it was not edible it came with noodles on the side but I didn't even add them because I wasn't going to eat the Ramen anyway. What a waste of money! It's super unhealthy and eating it will probably give you high cholesterol.

  • cole parker   Jul 11, 2022

    I absolutely loved this place!!! The staff were so kind, and they were prompt with my order. Among my favorite of the order was the sushi. That was the freshest sushi I’ve had in a long time. It tasted absolutely amazing!! I also loved the pad Thai, which was so flavorful! If you want a restaurant with kind and wonderful staff, and fresh & amazing food, I would definitely recommend coming here!! :)

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