Noodle Kitchen

945 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Kaitlyn Bru   Apr 12, 2024

    We tried this tonight based on other reviews, let me just say, save your money! Over priced sushi, honestly the grocery store serves better. I had the spider roll and it tasted so fishy I couldn’t even finish it! My husband had the white dragon and his was better than mine, but not great quality, tasted like canned tuna. $16 cocktails with a huge piece of ice, pull it out and the cup is 1/4 full. The edamame was fantastic, best part of our meal. Mongolian beef was so-so for $27, super small servings. I usually don’t leave reviews, but we were so disappointed for over $100, I wanted to save other people from wasting their money!

  • Marina moreno   May 11, 2024

    Everything was absolutely wonderful! Nice and friendly service with a cool ambience. Sushi was melt in your mouth good. Drinks were yummy and so were our entrees. Best meal we had in Jackson.

  • Caden Jameson   Apr 21, 2024

    I picked up food and brought back home. Inside atmosphere was nice. Service as fine. Food lacked terribly. Very little flavor in the broth for both noodle entres we purchased. Post stickers were solid. We don’t live here, but wouldn’t return if we did.

  • Pooja Chaudhary   Oct 01, 2023

    Came in for dinner on a Saturday as part of a party of 4. We did not have reservations but were seated within 15 minutes of putting out names on the waitlist. The vice of the restaurant is upscale chic, lots of dim lighting and lovely for date night. The food here is absolutely amazing - every single thing we ordered was spot on and delicious. I have to especially call out the Dan-Dan noodles - the flavors on this dish were so on point. No regrets ordering this!

  • Carlos Colon   May 20, 2024

    Noodle kitchen is a fantastic example of what happens when premium ingredients are given to a mediocre kitchen. Unfortunately for Noodle kitchen, this means that a meal with the potential to make them one of the best in town ends up leaving you wishing you'd just saved your money and bought cheap sushi instead. Many of their rolls are not well put together and end up falling apart in your chopsticks and hands long before they make it to your mouth. For a restaurant that charges anywhere from 15-25 dollars for a roll, this is unacceptable, especially when considering I have never encountered this issue with other sushi restaurants of all levels of service in different parts of the US. I've been to Noodle kitchen multiple times in the hopes that this was a one-time experience, but it seems to be the only experience Noodle kitchen offers when it comes to their sushi. This might seem a harsh judgment on a restaurant with the name "Noodle Kitchen", implying sushi is not their focus, but their full name on their sign is "Noodle Kitchen: Sushi bar." With the confidence to put it on their sign, I'd certainly expect more, but it just falls short. This is only made more disappointing by the fact that you are usually left hungry at the end of your meal due to the small portion sizes. In my last visit, I spent $90 dollars on sushi and one bowl of miso soup. I was left feeling so unsatisfied, I had to stop by the local grocer on my way home and buy a meal at their deli to finally feel full. The atmosphere of the restaurant is definitely top notch with a water-wall behind the bar and a curved wall with warm accent lights by the entrance. The restaurant put well-spent effort in making diners feel like they're eating at an establishment with a penchant for quality. To summarize, Noodle kitchen has all the individual parts that make a top-class restaurant the talk of the town. However, with staff in the kitchen falling short of the standard they're trying to meet, a meal here tends to leave you feeling you overpaid. With more qualified chefs and cooks that can better handle the premium ingredients the restaurant is buying, Noodle kitchen could become the restaurant they think they are, but until that happens, I would recommend ordering other items on their menu or simply eating somewhere else.

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