Noodle Kitchen

945 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Reut Jan   Jul 21, 2022

    I was there 2 nights ago w my friends and we wanted to do a pickup order, but unfortunately The host didn’t let us claiming there isn’t the enough rice and that we can only dine in. Making no sense in my head I ask them if I can take it and still leave a tip, and for that the answer was no. We ended up dining in and the service was disrespectful, The waitress and the host keep looking at us and talk and when we actually needed service they didn’t notice us. I don’t know exactly what was the reason for this behavior but that’s making me feel very uncomfortable.

  • Gabriella Vance   Apr 04, 2022

    YUM! Absolutely delicious food and great atmosphere. Great service, friendly staff and they are very cautious about allergies!

  • BK OBK   May 17, 2022

    I got the spicy tuna don and suffered dire consequences. The raw meat made for an unpleasant bathroom experience at night time that involved uncontrollable shrieking, screaming, and wailing. The food tastes alright going in but feels bad coming out. Since my visit, there has been an uncontrollable odor emerging from my round rump. Not to mention the Shirley Temple that my friend ordered without warning that it was going to be charged as an alcoholic beverage even though it was only mixed sprite and cherry and was charged $10 for it. This is a robbery and I will NOT stand for this type of lucrative business and miserable side effects of the raw tuna meat. I will not be returning here on my next trip to Jackson‘s hole.

  • Gabriella Alanis   Jul 29, 2022

    Just passing through & was excited to have Ramen. I have tried so many in various places all over the U.S. I ordered the Pork Ramen & it was BAD! THE WORST RAMEN I've had in my life. I literally just had one spoonful and could not eat it. It was literally 8 ounces of OIL and the pork was all fat (see picture) it was not edible it came with noodles on the side but I didn't even add them because I wasn't going to eat the Ramen anyway. What a waste of money! It's super unhealthy and eating it will probably give you high cholesterol.

  • cole parker   Jul 11, 2022

    I absolutely loved this place!!! The staff were so kind, and they were prompt with my order. Among my favorite of the order was the sushi. That was the freshest sushi I’ve had in a long time. It tasted absolutely amazing!! I also loved the pad Thai, which was so flavorful! If you want a restaurant with kind and wonderful staff, and fresh & amazing food, I would definitely recommend coming here!! :)

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