New York City Sub Shop

20N S Jackson St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Carrie Belem   Jul 23, 2022

    We ordered cheese steak sandwiches, they were really good. The bread was the best part! Dine in is closed but enjoyed their patio.

  • Melanie Rafoss   Aug 11, 2022

    Im from jersey and was excited to try this place, as they claim to be New York City style subs. Always a lot of people out front. Was really disappointed for how overpriced they were for the quality. Got the manhattan with all the toppings. It was the smallest sub and pretty flat with practically no toppings or meat, barely even lettuce. Would not recommend and wouldn’t go back. They should stop advertising as NYC subs. Service was nice though.

  • Matthew Shafter   Aug 12, 2022

    Super nice front of the house but what sub shop does not have American cheese? In fact, what sandwich place has one type of cheese, and makes it provolone? This all stems from a debacle ordering the “cheesesteak.” All I wanted was a proper cheese steak, onion and American cheese. 5 stars, but you can’t trust New Yorkers

  • Lisa Porter   Jun 30, 2022

    We ordered subs for our family of 6. I told the team we needed the order by 12:30 when our rafting bus was leaving and was told no problem. Waited over 40 min and had to leave without the sandwiches. I find it interesting they had no problem taking orders and tips but yet multiple customers kept asking where their orders were after waiting at least 30-40 min and no one was focusing on getting orders out. I won’t be back ever!

  • Juli Rasmussen   May 27, 2022

    We walked up and ordered two subs and two salads. We each got a half Midtown sandwich and although expensive, they tasted good. We got the Village and the Central Park salads. The person taking the order was nice. However, if you use a credit card, they ask you up front for a tip before they run it. They don’t give you a receipt, so ask if you want one. I thought that it would be provided in the bag, it wasn’t there… sketchy. Now I have to waste my time double checking my credit card and doing math to make sure they didn’t take advantage of me on my tip amount. 🙄

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