New West KnifeWorks & MTN MAN Toy Shop

New West Knife Works Wilson Wyoming

World class chef knives made in the Teton Mtns and “Dangerous toys for big boys” in one curated experience. Knife sharpening & tomahawk throwing too!

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  • Clay Pattee   Apr 20, 2018

    I visited this showroom when I was on a ski trip to Jackson Hole. Anthony showed me around and took the time to educate me on their product. I'm now ordering knives as gift for my customers when finishing kitchen remodel projects. Me and my customers love them. Great service you guys. Keep it up.

  • Trippingout 613   Jan 25, 2018

    Coolest store in town. Quality products with a high price tag on them. Staff is funny and polite

  • brandon fitch   Jan 28, 2018

    Very happy with our wood handled knives! Over the course of two years we purchased the entire set(photo attached). We even went as far as custom ordering our steak knives. We went with custom wood on an eight piece set. They are beautiful knives that always get compliments. Be forewarned, if you custom order anything from these guys, it will take much longer than what they guarantee. We had this issue arise and the dates kept getting pushed out, along with a refusal to respond at one point. Anthony was kind enough to tell me just how annoying I was to keep calling about my $1200 order of steak knifes. Other than that, you will be pleased with these knives!

  • Lance Bennett   Jul 20, 2017

    I spent well over an hour in here talking and debating over this beautiful knife. I cant say enough about their customer service and knowledge about knives. These knives are truly a thing of beauty. I will own one of them hopefully sooner then later. Thanks again guys!

  • Michalle Evers   Nov 08, 2017

    Bought a knife for my fiance's birthday. Last night he was showing it to his friends telling them it was the sharpest knife he's ever had. I had to laugh when he gave this warning: "Be careful, it is so sharp you will cut your eye just looking at it." I think he likes it.