National Museum of Wildlife Art

National Museum of Wildlife Art Jackson Wyoming 83002-6825

Nestled on a hillside two miles away from the edge of the Grand Teton National Park, the National Museum of Wildlife Art houses more than 5,000 artworks of wildlife from around the world dating back to 2,500 B.C. Boasting a world-class restaurant and a boutique Museum Shop, the museum is an unforgettable experience for both travelers and locals. The nonprofit museum also hosts many events throughout the year and is available to rent as an event venue.

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  • Holly R   Apr 01, 2022

    I am admittedly not much of an art gallery person, but I really enjoyed my time here. I loved the huge variety of animals featured in the artworks. Anyone over the age of about 8 will enjoy themselves. The entire museum is wheelchair accessible, including the on-site restaurant.

  • porter   Apr 05, 2022

    So much to see at the museum, You definitely need to take a break for lunch. The restaurant is amazing, with unique dishes. One of the better, more reasonable restaurants we ate at in Jackson Hole.

  • Carly Cisson   Jun 03, 2021

    Beautiful art! Also in a beautiful location. Wish I could've spent more time there. You could spend a good chunk of time here! Loved the gift shop too!

  • Kate Hoke   May 02, 2021

    Amazing little museum. Beautiful artwork set into an amazing location. The building itself is beautiful and full of little odd bits to grab your attention, like animal foot prints in the floor tiles or random sculptures. Totally worth a couple hours, especially on a rainy day!

  • Tval   Dec 08, 2020

    This is worth taking a half-day to visit. More than just a collection of animal paintings, it places wildlife art in its historical context, explaining the shifting views on nature and wildlife during the artists' lifetimes and how these are reflected in their work - in addition to the intersection of subject matter with popular artistic styles such as the Impressionist movement. Most of the pieces are paintings, but there are also sculptures and photography. It broadens the perspective to see that concerns over wildlife issues - and conversely, the role of nature in the life of man - are not merely a modern phenomenon but that people have been grappling with these questions for a long time. I would place this museum on the same level as any inner-city institution.

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