National Museum of Wildlife Art

National Museum of Wildlife Art Jackson Wyoming 83002-6825

Nestled on a hillside two miles away from the edge of the Grand Teton National Park, the National Museum of Wildlife Art houses more than 5,000 artworks of wildlife from around the world dating back to 2,500 B.C. Boasting a world-class restaurant and a boutique Museum Shop, the museum is an unforgettable experience for both travelers and locals. The nonprofit museum also hosts many events throughout the year and is available to rent as an event venue.

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  • A. M. (A3)   Nov 04, 2023

    A great stop while on Jackson! $2 coupons are found in fliers at other vendors. The art is very nice but a few galleries were closed on our visit.

  • Ingrid Kacaniova   Jun 22, 2023

    This place is so unexpectedly cool! Located just outside of Jackson town, it blends in perfectly with the natural beauty of the hills. It is a must see! The amount of artwork outside is amazing. The fabulous sculptures, exhibits as a blend of nature with modern art, create a truly captivating experience. Even though the museum was closed when we visited, the statues alone were beautiful enough to admire. Also, the view from the museum is simply breathtaking. If you're looking for a free way to enjoy the place, you can still stop for 15-30 minutes and walk around to see all the animal sculptures outside the museum. It's a great way to stretch your legs and appreciate the artistry. There's also a telescope available for visitors to use, so you can observe anything that catches your eye. We definitely plan to come back when they are open. This place is full of excellent photo opportunities and we can't wait to explore more of what the museum has to offer. If you're in the area, be sure to visit this hidden gem and immerse yourself in its captivating art and natural surroundings.

  • Ivan Apparition   Dec 23, 2023

    This museum was first established nearby in the town of Jackson 1987.... I haven't been inside but as far as I know they have their own library and archive…. But the outside statues are really life size...and nearby is a national elk refuge...:-)

  • Steven P   Mar 10, 2024

    Small museum but has many different types of wildlife art collections. The outside has a large area of sculpture public art pieces. The restaurant is great too, serving gourmet and healthy food. One of the best museum experiences I ever had.

  • Nook Hanklang   Mar 01, 2024

    Absolutely recommend checking out this spot when you’re visiting Grand Teton National Park near Jackson. There’s a ton of cool art and animal sculptures to check out, and the best part is, it’s free. Plus, they’ve got clean restrooms. And don’t even get me started on the views outside! They’re incredible. definitely swing by if you’re in the area. It’s a great stop to stretch your legs, take in some art, and enjoy the scenery.

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