Museum of the Mountain Man

700 E, Hennick St, Pinedale, WY 82941, USA

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  • Annnette Aldridge   Sep 16, 2023

    Great experience! Wonderful presentation of information. Knowledgeable staff/volunteers. Excellent gift shop with many books, souvenirs, etc.

  • DreamRider   Aug 07, 2022

    Wife and I travel full time in our F-450 and Grand Design 380-FLR 42Ft. 5th wheel RV. I'm a retired veteran, currently work as a VOIP IT Tech and remote work full time. One Saturday mid-morning, we were riding through Pinedale Wyoming and saw a sign - Mountain Man Museum. What is this place? We pulled into the gravel parking lot and took a look at the place from the outside. The first thing that ran through my head was Jerimiah Johnson the mountain man movie with Robert Redford. I wasn't too far off. This build LOOKS small from the outside but believe me, it's rather big once you get in there. It has a basement with the second half of your self tour. We were a little hesitant to pay the admission fee and am I glad we did. I got a senior discount too. For the small price we got a REAL historical adventure. Starting off, the front reception area was EXTEMELY clean and well taken care of. Restrooms we very clean. This area has your typical pamphlets and trinkets and tourism paraphernalia. The ladies at the front desk were VERY nice and were inquisitive as to where we were from. After a brief conversation and signing the guest book we were led to the entrance at the main theatre where my eyes popped open with excitement. This is a self paced tour and if you want you can listen to the movies they have playing throughout your self paced tour. I won't go too much into detail since it took us almost 2 hours to go through each exhibit and read and gawk at all the history this place has. Relics from 1700-1800's, An entire section dedicated to the history of the weapons from this era, Army forts things, Indians garb, trapper items, stuffed animals, stories galore.. This was definitely a gem of a find. Who knew in this little town such a treasure of relics and history could be found. For those interested in this kind of stuff, OR you have children that you want to pass on this type of United States history that most people don't know or understand, PLEASE go here. I HIGHLY recommend this place to all audiences.

  • Henry Freab   Jul 07, 2023

    Great place to learn about the early amercian history of mountain men, exploration, and native tribes and skills.

  • Eric Valentine   Sep 11, 2021

    An exceptional museum. Its unique focus on the mountain men and their challenges and hardships reveal a chapter of US history that many are unaware of. Children will love learning this history which also includes the Native Americans. Excellent panoramic pictures as well as historic paintings bring this time period to life.

  • RedBullKC   Aug 03, 2023

    What a great tourist attraction and asset to this community! It's fun to walk around and see the amenities of the grounds! Pretty cool area to visit! We enjoyed the tepees and the wide open tourist attractions available, anytime! Pretty impressive!

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