Mursell’s Sweet Shop

Mursell's Sweet Shop Jackson Wyoming 83001

Boutique candy shop with treats from around the world. The shop continues a 36 year legacy of Chocolate and Candy in Gaslight Alley.

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  • Kimi BSchmidt   Jan 19, 2021

    Mursells is such a tasty little sweets shop. The staff was friendly. My family and I bought chocolates and grape fruit flavored gummy bears. My husband ate both of the chocolate cherries. I hear they were delicious. I tried the sugar-free mints. Those were amazing. We went back for more gummy bears the next day. The new flavors were good but not as good as the grape fruit flavor. It was a bit pricey but your in Jackson. Everything costs more there. The price you pay for being in the most beautiful area on the map.

  • Amy Kloud   May 02, 2021

    They have Milka chocolate bars here. They are the best chocolate and very hard to find in this area. This store is a little expensive but they have candy that is not common. Also if you are looking for pretty truffles and chocolates it's a good place.

  • biij jawdak   Jun 30, 2021

    Shopped there for years. Great salespeople! Great variety of high end licorice. Went there, bought licorice, and the lady gave me some delicious chocolate, coffee, licorice bites. I’ll be back!

  • Mir chi   Jun 30, 2021

    Awesome collection if you are a chocolate fan. They have some unique collections and alcohol infused chocolate bars. It is inside but easy to find if you are walking on the main street.

  • Rocky Hatridge   Jul 08, 2021

    Wow, what an AMAZING store! They have such an outstanding variety and assortment of retro and throwback candy, and the staff was extremely helpful and well educated on any candy I asked them about. I especially enjoyed the painted truffles they sell and are more than willing to answer any question about. I HIGHLY recommend this sweet shop over any others in town, and look forward to my next visit!

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