Mudroom, Village Drive, Teton Village, WY, USA

Located on the ground level of Caldera House, Mudroom is your one-stop shop to buy or demo the most sought-after ski gear in Teton Village. Gov Carrigan and his team of experts know that the key to getting you the right gear is listening to your needs. Mudroom and it’s sister store, Nomad Sports, offer expert boot fitting, world-class ski tuning, and the most innovative brands in the outdoor industry.

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  • Todd Reedy   Feb 07, 2020

    Unfortunately, the Mudroom greatly disappointed me as a premium demo shop. I demo-ed a pair of skis today and was treated poorly, both at check out and check in. At check out, the technician was pompous and spoke down do me for renting. At check in, the cashier was nice, but upon performing a visual of the returned skis, she consulted the manager about a scratch on the bottom. They claimed the scratch would need extensive repair and charged me the rate for a full tune. The cashier repeated that they were a “demo shop” and expected the skis to return in perfect condition. In reality, these are rental skis. I loved the skis and were planning to purchase them; however, after the poor service, I bailed. I’ll wait for them to go on discount online. This is a pretentious rental shop. Disappointed.

  • Paul W   Mar 07, 2020

    Gov and his team came highly recommended and did not disappoint! I had my skis tuned, boots worked on (heat molding the shells, foot beds and zipfit liner) and even demoed a pair of Bomber skis (Bode Miller's ski company), and every product/interaction/service was superb. Scott, who helped me with my boots, worked with me over a period of 4-5 days, getting my boots dialed in so well that I could not believe I was in brand new boots! Everyone had a deep knowledge of their products and services on offer, clearly were stoked to be there, which combined to provide an excellent customer experience. This shop is now my go-to in Jackson and I recommend the Mudroom to everyone.

  • Zoe MacIsaac   Feb 15, 2020

    Great experience and would not go anywhere else on the mountain! Much much MUCH better than the resort owned shops. Great selection of skis and the staff was very informative. Was immediately greeted when I walked in and the staff helped me choose a few pairs of skis to demo. I had been in the market for a new pair of skis for a while and ended up purchasing a pair of Kastle's. Huge thank you to the Mudroom!!!

  • Charlotte Cowles   Mar 06, 2020

    Bought custom ski boots there and they were absolutely fantastic. They spent a long time with me and my boyfriend making sure we had the right pair and fit. Even though my boyfriend ended up getting a pair from another store (Mudroom didn’t have his perfect side, but was very willing to accommodate) the staff was super helpful in telling him what he should get. Never had a better experience at a ski shop. They were very knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. Would go back and recommend anyone looking to go there!

  • Brian   Jul 09, 2020

    Killed it! Great service. Thanks for taking care of my personal belongings I left behind twice as well. Highly recommend renting here.

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