Movieworks Cinema 4

860 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Renee Kitis   May 04, 2022

    Really nice theater with recliner seats. Alcohol at concession stand is a plus. Staff was awesome

  • Shannon Call   Jun 07, 2022

    We purchased the only seats left for a movie, which happened to be the first row. These seats were SO close to the screen, that we were literally watching the movie upside down from our reclining seats. Top Gun upside down was awful. There must be a standard minimum distance that front row seats should be from the screen? These were the closest seats I’ve ever seen and made the movie miserable. It’s pretty obvious the theater tried to add another row of seats, but I am sure it was a bad idea. Anyone who sits in these seats to see a movie will not be happy!

  • Kiley Perkins   Jul 08, 2022

    Best small town movie theater. Everyone is also so nice!

  • Victor Ciulei   Jun 15, 2022

    Awesome place, authentic american cinematic experience. I loved it

  • Flying Fish   Jun 10, 2022

    Loved the enormous lazy boy style tip back comfy seats, and appreciated the generous spacing between seats. Good sound system. The smallish theatre room felt very comfortable overall.

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