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  • Chris   Jan 04, 2021

    Mellissa and her husband are the best! It’s so nice to see small business owners correspond and friendly to their customers. They do an incredible job on both of my dogs, very flexible, friendly, and honestly other small business owners should take note how they handle their business.

  • Allison Alexander   Sep 24, 2020

    The BEST!!! Professional, friendly, and a week later my dog is still as soft as the day she got groomed. They were kind enough to squeeze us in for an “emergency” appointment after our dog rolled in something putrid. She came out perfectly fresh and clean. Highly recommend the laundry mutt!!

  • Arina Darii   Aug 06, 2021

    I just was here to see if I can make an appointment and the girl with blonde hair just started to scream at me and give me the attitude that she doesn’t have time and showed me the way out! I did even had time to say anything!the worst place in town!I will not recommend this place to anyone! Rude

  • Victor Garcia   Dec 03, 2020

    Friendly staff, specially sweet with the fur babies. Chloe feels extra soft. Look at her 🐾. They look like teddy bear arms!!!! I used to take her to petsmart as finding a groomer in town seemed hard as I kept hearing no one was taking new clients. Comments from the fam: they left her better compared to petsmart Already booked a few appointments in advance

  • Irina Darii   Jun 21, 2022

    I call just to see if she has something available and she jumped on me,screaming that she doesn’t answer the call not accepting new clients! Very rude Melissa,is second time when I get this attitude form your place! All your good reviews are fake!!!! I am a resident here for 15 years and nobody give me this attitude and experience anywhere in town! Rude rude rude and no education at all,nobody teach you good manners when a little one!

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