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  • Angela McDonald   Jan 27, 2020

    What a great staff! Our Pomeranian Lola was a COMPLETE wreck. She was badly in need of some TLC. The outlook wasn't super bright for doing much more than practically shaving our sensitive little Lola. She doesn't like to brushed, definitely against nail trimmers and overall anything! We had a hard time getting any appointment for so long, I finally got one for her. Picked up our little love fluff and she was silky, trimmed and generally back to what she should be. Could not have been happier with Robyn and staff. They managed to get most of her knots and mats off and not have to shave her down. We will be able to comfortably comb her daily now to keep it from getting out of control and not cause our little Lola discomfort and anxiety! Very happy family!

  • Kim Harrington   Dec 13, 2023

    Stopped in for a bag of chicken feed. Super un personable, took forever to figure out how much it was, then pointed me to the stack of bags and went about her own way. Never offered to open the door or anything, no thank you for your business. After struggling to get the bag over my shoulder, I was able to hold the door open with my foot. Not stopping there again.

  • Kevi Guerra   Mar 12, 2024

    We took our Pomeranians KIA & Ruger for a groom and they came back looking like show dogs! Excellent work! Can’t wait to bring them back on the 20th of May! When we return for the Summer!

  • Rebecca Simpson   Dec 21, 2022

    Absolutely love bringing my little guy to Mountain Mutts. I just feel good knowing the whole crew not only will give him back looking (and smelling) fabulous, but they will treat him well while he is there and be patient with him. They're able to do different lengths on him so he can have a cool summer 'do or a longer style for the winter. No matter what they do, he looks adorable. They also have the best toys, treats and accessories. I never know what new things I'll find, and their prices are great! 5 enthusiastic stars!

  • Crystal Allen (Amrit Joti)   Oct 05, 2023

    They did an amazing job on my Cavachon, who is under a year old. He seems to love going there and always comes out looking like a stud 😃

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