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  • Irina Darii   Jun 21, 2022

    I call just to see if she has something available and she jumped on me,screaming that she doesn’t answer the call not accepting new clients! Very rude Melissa,is second time when I get this attitude form your place! All your good reviews are fake!!!! I am a resident here for 15 years and nobody give me this attitude and experience anywhere in town! Rude rude rude and no education at all,nobody teach you good manners when a little one!

  • Arina Darii   Aug 06, 2021

    I just was here to see if I can make an appointment and the girl with blonde hair just started to scream at me and give me the attitude that she doesn’t have time and showed me the way out! I did even had time to say anything!the worst place in town!I will not recommend this place to anyone! Rude

  • Victor Garcia   Dec 03, 2020

    Friendly staff, specially sweet with the fur babies. Chloe feels extra soft. Look at her 🐾. They look like teddy bear arms!!!! I used to take her to petsmart as finding a groomer in town seemed hard as I kept hearing no one was taking new clients. Comments from the fam: they left her better compared to petsmart Already booked a few appointments in advance

  • Caroline Fabacher   Oct 18, 2022

    Don’t waste your time here. It’s in the running for “worst run business in town.” I’ve had one grooming experience at this business. It took me five emails and two calls just to schedule the first appointment. Before they would schedule they appointment with me, they wanted to make sure I was a full time resident. If you are from out of town trying to make an appointment, you better not let them know. Since that one visit in the spring, I have been unable to make an appointment. I have left two voicemails over the span of a month. When I call, no one answers the phone. And when I emailed to make an appointment (as I did previously) - several times! - I finally got a curt response, directing me that they do not make appointments by emails. This business exists by the grace of sheer absence of competition. They wouldn’t survive anywhere else.

  • Catherine Biros   Oct 11, 2022

    We have been loyal customers of the Laundry Mutt since moving to Jackson. We wanted to support them in their new venture so recently booked a mobile grooming. Their website does explain there is an extra mobile grooming fee. AFTER our dog was groomed we were told the charge for mobile is $60 extra dollars. So what was once a $90 groom is now $150 plus tip, a 66% increase for the same service. We live right in town. So disappointed. I called her to discuss my issue with this and she said she would add the mobile fee price to her website. 2 stars because no issue with the groom, our dog looks great.

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