Mountain Modern Motel

380 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Lily Voss   May 30, 2021

    Mountain Modern Motel is very nice motel, in my opinion! Very clean and modern. The pool was warm-which I like! The only problem is that if you are staying on the first floor-which I think is that lowest one, you can hear all the foot steps from above-vacuuming from cleaning, walking! The floor also seems very thin-I can hear my own foot stomps when I walk! This motel was good for the price! You could walk to a lot of places in Jackson Hole. I also recommend the BBQ joint right next to the motel on the right, with the orange pillars! Have a great stay!!

  • Henry Levin   Aug 18, 2021

    The good: clean room, comfortable beds. Not far from the town square, walkable. The ehh: poor design of the rooms. Modern should not mean weird. Mostly the issue is with the bathroom. Shower pan is too low, water splashes to the floor (moldy). Kitchenette is right in front of the toilet - seemed gross to me. The barn style door provides very little privacy. The sink is small and water splashes around the counter. The person who was checking us in wasn't too friendly. But I don't hold it against them, we all have bad days. Would I come back again? Maybe, I will definitely consider the price of the room and if it's significantly lower then I would.

  • Cathy Ken H   Jul 27, 2021

    Not considering the overpricing of hotels in the area, this hotel was top shelf. Clean, updated and homey with lots of practical shelving and storage. I loved real coffee cups, the giant map of the area for wallpaper and the “find a word” chalkboard. The bed comforters and abundance of pillows made it perfect. We had no problem with noise, but after reading reviews we requested the top floor. The blackout shade worked really well also.

  • Daniel Lofaso   Aug 24, 2021

    Room was decent enough, but for the price definitely not worth it. I’m not sure how they justify their rates by using some cool paint and interesting decor when right outside your door are dumpsters and you can literally hear everyone around you moving about at 6am. The first impression at the concierge was rather dull too, you’d think they be excited to see the guests who they are making this much money off of. The complimentary breakfast area and staff were nice, however. Overall, if the nightly fees were commensurate with that of a motel we’d have been satisfied, but with rates equivalent to a 4-star hotel they barely deserve this star rating.

  • Katie Gallagher   Aug 28, 2021

    Such a rad hotel. Clean, cute, reasonably priced, walkable to the town square. Especially great spot for adventurers. We had just gotten back from a backpacking trip and had so much space to organize our gear and clean ourselves and our stuff up. Amenities like laundry and a large bathroom / kitchen area were so helpful. Will definitely stay here again and wish there were more places like this!

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