Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream

155 Center St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Ross Fine   Nov 14, 2020

    My wife wanted ice cream during a blizzard, this place was recommended to us. We arrived to the store at 6:25pm. It has a hand written sign on the door that said “back in 15 minutes”. No idea when the sign was posted, no indication as to WHEN the employee would return, idea how long that sign had actually been posted before the guy came back. We waited until 6:50 and grew tireless and nearly called it quits. Several groups waited in the cold and snow before deciding to leave because it was way longer than 15 minutes. But just before we left the guy finally came back and opened the door. We ordered a massive chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate covered honeycomb, and the huckleberry ice cream in a waffle cone. The chocolate chip cookie was absolutely disgusting. Haha like it was an absolutely unpleasant experience. The flavor was off, the chocolate tasted old, it was dried out with no softness at all, and it was super gritty. I couldn’t stomach more than 2 bites. It felt like it had been there for a couple days and I get why. Maybe they use granulated sugar instead of powder sugar and that’s what makes it gritty? Or maybe they use some almond flour instead of wheat flour and that make the cookie part taste off? Who knows, either way i give the cookie 0/5. I wouldn’t give it to a homeless person it’s that bad. The chocolate covered honeycomb is interesting to say the least and not in a good way. Again, I’m not a fan. I love honey, and this felt like anything but that. The chocolate part was good. You could taste the honey flavor too, but when I think honeycomb I think of soft mush juicy and sweet. This was not soft it was hard as a brick. It was not sweet. It was not juicy or mushy like a honeycomb is. It was gritty, crispy, airy, and chalky. Reminiscent of biting into the marshmallows in lucky charms, but chalky, dry, and hard. If you can imagine a giant piece of chalk that has essence of honey and covered in chocolate, that would best describe this.. 1/5 it’s not good and again felt like it had been there for days. Lastly, the only reason why this review gets 3/5 stars is because of the wild huckleberry ice cream. It’s more like a sorbet, but it was absolutely amazing. I am not a fruit ice cream type of person, I prefer cookies & cream or cookie dough type ice creams. But I absolutely love this ice cream. I think it’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had. 5/5 if you come here, you HAVE to try it. I will be returning to get some before I leave town. If you come to this place, do your due diligence and look at the chocolates and stuff before you buy them. Half the chocolates had the white hazy look to them, which indicates its either a sugar bloom or fat bloom in the chocolate. That means it’s not stored properly and is too humid, or the chocolate making process itself is not good and the cocoa butter is separating from the chocolate. Either way it’s a sign of poor storage, rapid temp changes, too humid and/or too hot of storage. The easiest way to tell if a chocolate shop takes care of their product is precisely if the chocolate develops that hazy look. This shop makes a good ice cream, but they clearly don’t do well with the chocolates and it’s that obvious.

  • Chantry Olsen   Oct 21, 2020

    Love their flavors! I've only been here twice but have thoroughly enjoyed it each time. Today I dropped my cone right after they handed it to me. They told me not to worry about it and got me a new one. I felt like I child but was also happy as a kid when they gave me a new cone.

  • Nicole Marsh   Oct 09, 2020

    10/10 on ice cream flavor. The staff was friendly and helped us out super quick. Price point was great for the ice cream you get in each scoop. They also have chocolate! The honey combs were AMAZING!

  • logan ward   Nov 14, 2020

    Ice cream good sometimes. But this was my experience working there: Ī worked there and it was ã horrible experience, It was my first job and I’ve never been more traumatized. The owners were drinking out of the 32oz cups with definitely some sort of alcohol in it. Later in the night they would be drunk, either making weird jokes or abusively yelling at us. Their breath smelled like alcohol and it scared me. They even hired ã 13 year old. In the state of Wyoming it is illegal to have ã 13 year old work. Ī was exhausted by the end of the day because Ī hardly got any breaks and there were endless lines and nobody offered to take my place even when Ī told them Ī felt sick to my stomach because Ī was so tired. Keep in mind Ī was only 15 and the owners didn’t care about my well-being at all. Everyone quit towards the end of the summer because they were so tired and mentally worn out. Since everyone quit the owner offered more pay for us to come back. Some came back but not all. For another thing we were supposed to get payed every 2 weeks and sometimes wouldn’t even get payed for ã month. We constantly had to ask for W4’s for our taxes but we’re never given them until we quit. it seemed kinda sketchy considering they never asked for W4’s when we first applied. Some of the other employees got W4’s after they quit. All Ī know is if when it’s tax time and Ī never get my Tax returns back from working Ī know why. ī really wouldn’t be surprised if they were keeping the taxes for themselves to be honest. Anyways don’t work here. The ice cream is okay sometimes super good depending on the day. But if you ever want to work here. Don’t do it, they broke child labor laws, drunk on the job, and swore at us constantly. If you apply here, well good luck.

  • Sean Reardon   Feb 20, 2021

    One of the best cups of hot chocolate I’ve ever had! Very friendly staff & owner came out to give us some great recommendations of things to do aside of skiing. Definitely recommend!

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